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Hire And Trust Vendors Online

Hire And Trust Vendors OnlineBy decentralizing a large number of actions, data and features, the YINC platform brings a new way for consumers and service providers to use digital technology in the services market. YINC is building its blockchain powered services platform using the ethereum blockchain. YINC is creating a YINC utility token designed for the tracking of transactions, interactions and reviews.


  • Platform fragmentation
  • A plethora of providers
  • Lack of competitive pricing
  • Time consuming
  • Hidden fees
  • No meritocracy
  • Reviews cannot be trusted

YINC realized that blockchain technology can solve many of the problems plaguing today’s services industry and platforms listed above.

True review technology featuring integrity, reliability and easy validation.
YINC has filled a patent for its authentic tamper-proof rating system and process. Patent serial number 62/587,386.

Linking reviews to transactions through a blockchain guarantees that any review, rating of reference procured are transparent & tamper-proof. To do this, YINC will store all transactions that take place using a smart escrow service blockchain. The review reward is paid in YINC tokens and added to the users YINC wallet.

YINC has developed a methodology which will create an enhanced competitive urgency amongst vendors when bidding for a job.

All YINC transaction between consumers and service providers occur with YINC tokens. The YINC platform offers a flexibility for the parties to decide on specific terms.

If the negotiations between parties prove fruitless, either party can request arbitration through the YINC platform. The funds to cover these costs are taken from the smart escrow smart contract. Ultimately, YINC aims to promote peer-to-peer dispute resolution and allows mediator providers from the YINC platform to assist in the dispure resolution process and arbitrate on issues arising from a job. YINC will present the mediators bidding on the job to both parties.

How YINC is Different From These Centralized Solutions
It could have just as easily been the vendor himself, his friends or a paid company who made the review or even a competitor who made a negative review. The issues described above cannot be solved without utilizing blockchain technology. A vendor should not be able to rate himself, have friends rate them or competitors rate them.


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The register of blocks together with intelligent contracts enables the level of security, transparency and efficiency unattainable using the solutions offered so far. Cryptocurrencies also enable fast and secure payments with minimum fees. This means savings for both buyers and sellers. 

Commenced Information collected by self-learning AI systems will significantly increase the accuracy of information on the demand for specific products and services. Artificial intelligence allows the user to minimize the time devoted to finding the searched item by adjusting search algorithms, streamlining complaint processes or technical support. 

A real need has arisen to improve the existing business model. One of the ideas for the existing situation was the implementation of drone technology for the delivery of smaller-size shipments at smaller distances.

The first official tests of systems and services using drones to deliver parcels were started in 2014 by DHL - medical supplies were transported to a German island in the North Sea⁵. That time, the drones took off the roof of the delivery van. The problem of the lack of universal


This vision includes the creation of a new-generation auction and commercial platform based on the blockchain technology, in which data decentralization significantly improves the security of stored data, and multi-node verification guarantees only one version of the truth.

Buyers are wondering if the product they have ordered will comply with a specification and whether its payment and personal data will be safe. The existing solutions are insufficient to fully achieve these goals. Platform Aligato 2.0 based on the blockchain technology, will adapt the following associated facilities :

  • Placing all data about products and their origin on the blockchain will allow potential buyers to verify the authenticity of the goods sold. 
  • Aligato users sensitive data security will be much upgraded. 
  • In addition to transactions using all the payment systems and methods available today, Aligato will offer you the opportunity to purchase goods and pay fees and commissions using the most popular cryptocurrencies and AligatoCoin, the Aligato internal token.
  • Using AligatoCoin within the platform will guarantee the user much lower costs of using and servicing the website, especially sales fees, at the same time allowing them to be exchanged directly for other cryptocurrencies or fiat currencies.


The system is to operate on the B2C business-to consumer and C2C (consumer-to-consumer) lines, delivering shipments up to one hundred kilograms to the customer's door. The created system will be autonomous and collision-free. 


The AI system will also be responsible for automating the sales system through suggestions generated based on previous user interactions with it. 

Thanks to this, iris can act as biometric security. Our team plans to implement PvE technology using the right algorithms from existing devices, creating its own scanner to run PvE as one of the available payment methods on the Aligato platform. 

Q2 2018
  • Preparation of the AligatoCoin technical support
  • Pre-ICO start and preparation for ICO
  • Update of Aligato's purchase portfolio

Q3 2018
  • AligatoWallet application work starts
  • Beginning of AligatoCoin exchange listing process

Q4 2018 – Q1 2019
  • Aligato 2.0 development starts - preparation of full functionality and a new platform layout
  • The e-learning platform development begins

Q3 2019
  • Work on the installation and launch of the AligatoWallet beta version in the Aligato 2.0 framework begins
  • Work on creating our own Blockchain starts
  • AligatoCoin on selected Polish and foreign crypto exchanges

Q2 – Q3 2019
  • The fifth phase will focus entirely on the work aimed at further technical improvements and implementation of the optimization and solutions suggested by our community

Q4 2019 – Q1 2020
  • Patent protection works on technological innovation of the project
  • Launching a mirror version of Aligato 2.0 in national domains
  • Preparation of the next 4 language versions
  • Pay Pay (PvE) proprietary payment system, starting with conceptual work and reviewing ready-made technological solutions

Q1 – Q2 2020
  • Advanced technological development of an autonomous delivery system using drones
  • Construction and testing of the alpha version of the Bumblebee autonomous drone

Q2 – Q3 2020
  • Further work on the drones delivery platform
  • Tests and presentation of a functional Bumblebee Beehive
  • Obtaining the necessary licenses and permits

Q2 – Q3 2021
  • Completion of works on the new headquarters of Aligato 
  • Advanced work on creating your own renewable energy source to power drone. 

MB8 Multibuy Loyalty Rewards

MB8  Multibuy Loyalty RewardsMB8 Coin will be used as fuel for the existing loyalty rewards network. The company behind this coin, Multibuy, has been running their rewards system since 2005. By replacing the closed system reward model, the platform wants to expand to new markets. This coin will become the fuel for the loyalty rewards network.

MB8 Coin will be used as the fuel for the existing Multibuy loyalty rewards network. MB8 Coin is set to become the backbone of the rewards network that has already been white labeled by over 2100 businesses. Anyone can book their holiday, hotel and purchase goods using MB8 Coin secure payment method.

MB8 Coin has been running their traditional loyalty rewards system since 2005. All companies on the Multibuy Circuit will accept part or whole payment on products and services with Eurocredit. All companies on the existing Multibuy Circuit will be able to accept our new cryptocurrency which is called MB8 Coin. They will be releasing MB8 Coin to drive the huge expansion of its already proven loyalty rewards system, by enabling global adoption via cryptocurrency.

Multibuy Group launches ICO for the unique MB8 Coin
MultiBuy Group has announced the launch of an initial coin offering (ICO) for its MB8 Coin, taking advantage of the features and benefits of cryptocurrency to 'fuel’ the existing loyalty rewards network. MultiBuy Group is however changing the face of the game with the introduction of its MB8 Coin. “A real world Cryptocurrency with 2100 businesses, and growing, all ready to accept our Cryptocurrency MB8 Coin.”

1. Eurocredit plus moves to blockchain
The decision to move the existing digital currency to a blockchain network is agreed. “Blockchain Scotland” is appointed to design, develop and sipport MB8 coin, QT wallet, explorer and integrate the existing network on to blockchain technology
2. MB8 test network
Development team launch test tenwork to ensure stable blockchain deloyment
3. MB8 marketing campaign
Marketing campaign agreed by all parties involved, scheduled to roll out soon
4. Multibuy global meeting
500 sales affiliates attend a marketing briefing which sets out how they are authorized to on board new businesses worldwide
5. MB8 whitepaper published
- The history behind multibuy
- Why MB8 coin is replacing eurocredit plus
- MB8 coin roadmap
- MB8 coin parameters
- Token sale – why invest in MB8 coin
- Business team & technical team behind MB8 coin
- How to connect with us on social media
6. MB8 ICO live
ICO goes live
7. MB8 blockchain goes live
- Genesis block
- QT wallet goes live
- Explorer goes live
8. Coin distribution
ICO participants receive their MB8 coins
9. MB8 web wallets goes live
Digital wallet system goes live
10. Multibuy app
MB8 coin wallet integration in to existing multibuy app
11. MB8 integration
MB8 coin will be ingrated in to existing multibuy platforms
12. MB8 listing on exchanges
List MB8 coin on cryptocurrency exchanges
13. MB8 listing on coinmarketcap
List MB8 coin on cryptocurrency platform such as coinmarketcap

Token Info
Investment Info
Price in ICO
Total Supply
: MB8
: X13
: X13
: 1 EUR = 3 MB8
: MB8
Distributed in ICO
Hard Cap
Token for Sale
Restricted Areas
: BTC, Fiat
: 96,3%
: 170.000.000 EUR
: 550.000.000 MB8
: USA, China

Token Prices During Public Sale
Public Pre-Sale
ICO Phase 1
ICO Phase 2
ICO Phase 3
: 1 EUR = 5 MB8 (75.000.000 MB8)
: 1 EUR = 4 MB8 (125.000.000 MB8)
: 1 EUR = 3 MB8 (125.000.000 MB8)
: 1 EUR = 2 MB8 (125.000.000 MB8)

Token Distribution
Business Partner
ICO Pre-Sale
Research & Development
: 65,70% (450.000.000 MB8)
: 17,50% (100.000.000 MB8)
: 13,10% (75.000.000 MB8)
: 1,90% (11.000.000 MB8)
: 1,80% (10.000.000 MB8)

MB8  Multibuy Loyalty Rewards

Any unsold coins will be provably burnt

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Delivery Service With Blockchain System


Delivery Service With Blockchain System10%  in  mature  markets  (such  as  Germany  and  the  United  States)  and  almost 250%  in  developing  markets  such  as  India.  With  e-commerce  being  the  largest  driver  of  growth  in  last-mile  deliveries,  it  has  shifted market  share  from  the  B2B  to  the  B2C  segment.  The  market  share  of  internet  shopping  grows  and  substitutes  traditional  shopping.  Javelin  Group,  2011.  Internet  shopping  is  intertwined  with  express  delivery  to  homes  and  therefore  has  an  impact  on  urban  freight  transport:  more  at  homes,  less  at  shops.

According  to  research  conducted  by  Statista, 83%  of  respondents  chose  home  delivery over  30%  -  to  choose  same-day  and instant  delivery  over  regular  delivery. However,  the  remaining  70%  of consumers  still  prefer  the  cheapest  option  of home  delivery.  Moreover,  a  significant  percentage  of  consumers  opting  for  late-night  shopping  opportunities.


In  Europe,  cargo  transport  in  cities  is  extremely  inefficient.  cargo  cycles. In  conclusion,  cargo  cycles  are  especially useful  in  European  cities  with  their  large  historical  centers  consisting  of  narrow,  winding  streets.  Population  density  also  influences  the  usefulness  of  cargo  cycles,  which  again  plays  into  the  hands  of  European  cities.  Meanwhile,  the  total erviceable/obtainable  market  size  as  per  the  5-year  market  entry  strategy  is  estimated  at  5  million  instant  and  same  day  deliveries,  calculated  as  25%  from  the  addressable  20  million  B2X  last-mile  deliveries  per  year,  in  both  the  Qatari  and  the  European  market  (Dutch  market)  combined.


The  blockchain,  there  lies  great  potential  in  the  blockchain  economy.  Enabling  cheaper The  relevance  of  blockchain  for  autonomous  delivery  comes  in  involving  the  community  as  part  of  the  solution,  part  of  a  “blockchain  for delivery  economy”.  physical  flow  of  goods,  provenance  tracking  of  deliveries  in  last-mile  logistics  can  enable logistics,  adding  value  by  boosting  supply  chain  transparency  and  automating  administrative operations.


with  the  network  and  maintained  via  Geeba  coins  in  their  wallets.  Payments  for  deliveries  are  made  to  the  vehicle’s  wallet  directly. Community  members  can  host  the  hubs  in  their  accessible  parking  space  or  front  yard,  allowing  shippers  vehicles  to  make  deliveries  in  the  neighborhood  near  them.


Core  layer
This  external  distributed  storage  is  a  required  for  more  storage  space

Service  and  components  layer
Services  in  the  Geeba  Ecosystem  will  be  able  to  connect  to  the  Geeba  blockchain  only  through  this  Service  &  Component  Layer.

Application  layer
This  is  where  Geeba  data  is  used  to  create  various  services.  Operated  here  using  the  SDKs  provided  in  the  Service  &  Component  Layer.

Geeba  development  approach  takes  two  steps  to  create  the  blockchain  network  for
data  storage.  on  the  blockchain.  Geeba  also  operates  an  external  data

Joint venture between airlift BV and N-Gon LLC

Q3 2018 (ICO)
Launch of initial coin offering

Q4 2018 (TRIAL)
Controlled testing of delivery robots in the city of delft;
Release of G-ship wen platform v1 with real time tracking and order placement;
Release of G-Nest marketplace;
End of ICO

Q1 2019 (TRIAL)
Token listed on exchanges
Launch of the G-ship web platform v2 for pilot phase with SDK, API and route optimization

Q2 2019 (PILOT)
Public road testing with pilot retailers in the city of delft and Rotterdam, the netherlands;
Launch of geeba blockchain for delivery, mainnet, coin and wallet

Q3 2019 (PRE-SALE)
Release of geeba ecommerce platform

Q4 2019 (SCALE)
Installation of smart hubs in Rotterdam and neighboring communities

Invite shippers and service providers to geeba ecosystem in the Netherlands;
Growth and expansion


Geeba  Ecosystem,  incorporated  as  a BV  company  (“Geeba”),  is  the  official  entity  that  creates  the  Geeba  tokens,  platform  and  technology.  Geeba  tokens  do  not  provide  token  holders  with  any  ownership  or  other  interest  in  Geeba.

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KartBlock : Revolutionize The eCommerce Industry

KartBlock : Revolutionize The eCommerce Industry KART BLOCK ECOSYSTEM

The kart block ecosystem at its core is a combination of kart block e-commerce platform, digital wallet and cryptocurrency reward mechanism. This reward will be in the form of a cryptocurrency (kart block tokens).

Following are the components of this ecosystem :
  • Digital wallet

The digital wallet will serve as the entry of user to this ecosystem. 
  • Kart block e-commerce

This platform will run a top the blockchain layer to maintain trust and transparency
  • Kart block tokens

This is the native cryptocurrency of the kart block ecosystem. 


Following are the objectives of the kart block ecosystem :
  • To create a trustworthy online marketplace where customers can directly with the merchants and make purchases. 
  • To the start an e-commerce platform through a borderless payment gateway and uniting merchants and customers across the world
  • To collect quality driven user data and feedback, that will act as a platform for data-driven technology companies in the industry contributing to the growth of kart block ecosystem and ultimately with it the users


Following features make the kart block ecosystem a unique blockchain powered entity :
  • Payments

E.g., the 2.9% credit card fee. This is the average transaction cost that a customer pays for any online purchase. Kart block aims to turn the tables in this scenario. 
  • Transparency

Unlike largely centralized marketplaces whish do not share crucial data (for maintaining a marketing edge). Kart block will change this monopolistic system. 
  • Restoring fair competition

Kart block founders and the team have identified challenges tha the current e-commerce industry faces. 
  • Marketing

Kart block ecosystem will enable growth and evolution of the e-commerce enterprises through its cash back,  loyalty programmes, referrals and coupon deals. 
  • Advertising

Another feature of kart block ecosystem is envolved advertising. There will be a referral program on this platform through which the users can refer new users and earn kart block tokens. 


The kart token is the native blockchain currency of the kart block ecosystem. The kart tokens will be sent, received and stored via the kart block wallet of the user.

The kart block e-commerce platform distributes a mode of programmable money amongst the users that will help to create a  secure and hassle-free transaction system. Kart tokens will ease up they payment process by eliminating the middlemen. Kart tokens will also enhance the transparency of the system by maintaining the atomicity and concreteness of every transaction made over the platform. The gist of kart tokens is to ease the process and provide optium security to the end-users. 


Inception 27 avenue
Asia and India expansion
Middle East expansion
Q2 2017
Market research and blockchain strategy
Q3 2017
Rebranding to kart block
Token sale preparation
Token sale
Q2 2018
Token sale finish, tokens unlocking and distribution
Q3 2018
Product MVP
Global expansion


  • 1 ETH will buy 14,925 KART tokens
  • Minimum purchase 100 KART or 0.01 ETH
  • You can purchase KART with BTC, Ether and other altcoin
  • KART raise 28,800 ETH pre-ICO
  • 40% total tokens will be sold at pre and ICO period
  • KART create 600M tokens for a total 1B tokens
  • 12% will be allocated to KART founder, early incestors, technology teams, existing and future employees
  • 8% from total tokens for advisors, consultants, community developers and will lock (6 months)

For more detail information about kart block, you can visited link below !


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Crypto Trading Platform Simple And Easy Just KubitX

Crypto Trading Platform Simple And Easy Just KubitXWith sufficient ability to make capital team KuBitX appointed in development in emerging markets. It can be seen from the experience of the Fortune 500 companies in his work and consulting company "Big Four" where he can cope with all kinds of problems that never arise in the company. The Exchange ecosystem from crypto is carried out by plunging directly into the field/market in question so that we can observe and know the description of the Exchange ecosystem with clear and detailed. As for the aspects that exist in the Exchange ecosystem :
- The speed of processing, speed of transaction of KuBitX reach 12 m + (millions) /second by using the best architecture design Golang
- Deposit and withdrawal of flats, KuBitX provides services that will help the user in the deposits and withdrawals of flat
- Customer support, plus the value of kuBitX is a service provided to the customer during 24 h online and the allocation of large amounts of funds to strengthen customer support
- Ease of use, the team of KuBitX conduct training related to the exchange of its initial level at the same time so that users interested in participating
- Multilingual, KuBitX provides 5 types of language that makes it easy for users in a transaction and the integration with the web platform. As supporting, KuBitX will provide the platform for mobile commerce applications that fit in with the Android and iOs.

KubitX Vision : 

- Education about technology Blockchain named with Global channel ambassadors are expected to be able to cope with the socioeconomic barriers are being addressed
- The increased liquidity is done by involving the market maker to build a sustainable exchange of capacities, reducing transaction costs, and ease of processing. To avoid cheating trades, we have a tool anti market manipulation (ATT), significant market surveillance, and the blocking of accounts

Strong security by adopting the security of the entire platform. The steps are :
- Save the password instead of from the server team
- User data encrypted using AES-256 before inputting into the database
- There are special security architecture that is certain encryption keys stored properly
- Save a cool wallet multi-signature/system Vault
- System in accordance with GDPR
- There are third-party verification code and function of penetration testing

Increase the intake of (finance), KuBitX will educate people about how to utilize the blockchain so that they can increase their income

The economic development of the emerging market, KuBitX will design an institutional investment from the engine KuBitX as trade capacity of crypto and create opportunities for the digital economy so that each country can run own economy and play in the global market.

What makes KuBitX different?
KuBitX can help finance education, financial inclusion and also adoption of Blockchain by the public so he is referred to as the engine of every machine because of its potential as a trading machinery, engine of growth and development of the market of the country.

1. Ambassador KuBitX — Value Proposition — Our Difference
The Ambassador program is as key to enter, understand, and capture local market emerged. The need for education of local people so that they can understand the technology blockchain and their usage, crypto, and currency quotes KuBitX.

What is the value of an Ambassador?
- The Ambassador will be engaged directly with local people, government regulation, or through informative events
- Ambassadors will help KuBitX for adoption sooner
- Ambassadors will help in understanding the application of KuBitX in the whole field of social-economic

2. Financial Services
Our strategic partnerships with banks and payment service providers who are ready to help us to create a complete financial service institutions and of course already integrated with cryptocurrency. This entity will provide all the traditional banking services and much more such as :
- Funds transfer (wire and P2P)
- Payment processing
- Merchant services
- Sending money
- Bill payment
- Trade financing
We also provide additional services including :
- Keep track of your digital currency account
- Connect your account to the trading platform of the existing digital currency
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Energy Payment With The Blockchain System

Energy Payment With The Blockchain SystemSome of the projects include long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into by products that WPP Energy intends to utilize its alternative energy expertise to match equity investors coupled with traditional project finance to fund Joint Ventures with established alternative energy companies, Alternative energy projects can include, conversion of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into byproducts that will be used for local markets, our HHO projects, solar energy, wind.


The Green Energy Producers participating in the platform are ready to provide power at wholesale prices to those institutions and private consumers seeking clean power production around the world at reduced prices from traditional prices. WPP’s own global power production data will also be streamed into the platform.
This platform will change the power generation industry for the benefit of consumers and suppliers both, as the WPP Platform will capture this supply via data transmission to the platform.
will be deployed in Q4 2018 and will serve at the gateway to trading on the Global Green Energy Platform. The Exchange Platform will also serve as a stand alone Crypto Exchange promoting and providing special incentives for trading different Green Energy Tokens in the marketplace


This stand-alone Power Station requires a fresh water line connection and can be delivered essentially anywhere in the world.
This product will demonstrate WPP’s market leadership to help solve a massive energy crisis by using WPP’s existing proven technology to establish WPP as the world’s preferred power supply source for cryptocurrency miners, delivering a variety of clean and inexpensive power solutions to the doorstep of small, medium and large mining operations.
Power demand projections from cryptocurrency mining will fuel exponential demand for WPP’s clean affordable energy solutions, reducing mining costs to a fraction of what they currently are now and with a zero-carbon footprint.


WPP has a solution under development that will convert polluting power producers into efficient low cost green energy producers. WPP has a total solution to clean up this industry, greatly reducing operating costs and increasing Power Plant efficiency, while significantly reducing the costs of energy production and significantly increasing environmental benefit.


Some of the projects include long term Power Purchase Agreements (PPA’s) converting Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into byproducts that will be used for local markets.
WPP Energy intends to utilize its alternative energy expertise to match equity investors coupled with traditional project finance to fund Joint Ventures with established alternative energy companies, developers and EPC Contractors for energy and energy related projects globally. Alternative energy projects can include, conversion of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) into electricity and into byproducts that will be used for local markets, our HHO projects, solar energy, wind power and any other proven alternative energy that meets return on investment requirements.


Each of 5 Power Plants will process 2000 Metric Tons of MSW Per Day converting waste into power and by-products.
WPP ENERGY has simultaneously secured a government Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) to consume the energy produced at 14.5 cents per kilo watt.


(Hosted under its own seperate website) Rebates will be tied to purchases and offered to consumers worldwide of major energy companies for “Going Green”, and saying no to pollution and global warming.
WPP is negotiating terms with leading energy suppliers to implement a rebate, providing their customers with the preferred option to be paid in WPP TOKENS at a 1.25x value multiple for choosing cryptocurrency instead of cash back on products and services purchased.


Membership is absolutely FREE for life as you make money from the WPP Green Energy Rebate Card when you purchase everyday products and services from your favorite major brands companies that have partnered with WPP to provide Rebates. For every purchase, the major brand company provides a matching rebate to WPP Energy for our Green Energy projects providing Green electricity throughout the World and helping to fight pollution!. We are asking for Rebates for our membership when they purchase consumer products or services from utilities and major corporations, which we will split with our members and provide WPP Green Energy Project Funds to build clean energy production and distribution. WPP intends to expand its Free Membership rapidly through partnerships with leading Corporations supporting Going Green efforts as WPP seeks to become the world’s largest Green Energy Rebate Program. Initially, WPP intends to apply the rebate program to Physical and Digital Green Energy solutions, including the Global Green Energy Platform and all of its members.


  • Billions in federal gov’t projects & ppa’s
  • Global green energy (blockchain) platform
  • Cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Hho mobile power station
  • Hho conversion of polluting power plants
  • Hho complete home energy supply

JAN 2018
WPP joint venture with Dahir Insaat

ICO website constructed

MAR 2018
Swiss entity formed, WPP energy GmbH

JULY 15 2018
Pre ITO sale launch

JULY 31 2018
Green energy digital platform

SEP 2018
Green energy Rebate Program rollout
Energy cryptocurrency exchange platform

SEP 15 2018
Pre ITO sale ends

SEP 20 2018
ITO crowdsale begins

NOV 2018
First HHO power plant conversion test deployment

DEC 2018
Green energy digital platform
Energy cryptocurrency exchange platform

DEC 20 2018
ITO ends

FEB 2019
WPP energy mobile apap & wallet

APRIL 2019
Expansion of the energy cryptocurrency exchange platform

SEPT 2019
HHO for home owners prepares for market delivery
Major Russian Hydro energy projects, in partnership with AEG

OCT 2019
HHO power plant conversion expands into Turkey

DEC 2019
Mobile HHO powerstation for cryptocurrency miners

APRIL 2020
Commencement of African contract deliverables

SEPT 2020
Commencement of Moroccan contract deliverables

For more details information about WPP, you can check below !


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Penerapan Teknologi Blockchain Pada Game Online

Penerapan Teknologi Blockchain Pada Game OnlineTedchain adalah kriptokurensi khusus yang sudah terdesentralisasi lintas platform untuk meningkatkan pengalaman bermain game dengan menerapkan teknologi blockchain kepada para pengguna. Tedchain merupakan platform game yang menggunakan Tedcoin sebagai mata uang didalamnya. Kami menggunakan sistem peer-to-peer untuk memaksimalkan teknologi blockchain didalam permainan. Teknologi yang didapat dengan sistem ini adalah kita bisa mengontrol sepenuhnya kualitas jaringan, algoritma penambangan koin dan sintak kontrak cerdas. Mengingat sifat alami dari pendistribusian proyek ini, maka kami melakukan sistem P2P tersebut agar memudahkan para pemain untuk memanajemen permainan.

Banyak kriptokurensi-kriptokurensi ternama mengalami kesulitan atau permasalahan dengan pihak pemerintah. Tedchain berusaha memecahkan masalah ini dengan cara menerapkan sistem voting yang bisa diakses oleh seluruh pemain yang aktif. Proposal dibuat berdasarkan pada masalah yang dihadapi oleh para pemain dan dimasukkan ke dalam sistem blockchain untuk dilakukan voting.

Pasar Game Dan Ekonomi Token
Kami menawarkan pendekatan yang berbeda. Kami berusaha menciptakan ruang yang aman untuk perdagangan, mendorong perekonomian di dalam game dan ekstra permainan dengan menggunakan token yang kami beri nama TED sebagai media pembayaran di dalam game untuk perdagangan antara pemain ke pemain dan dengan sistem ini kami berharap terjadi transaksi yang unik. Dengan cara ini semua pemain bisa membeli item di dalam game termasuk item eksklusif yang hanya bisa di beli menggunakan mata uang kripto.
Penerapan Teknologi Blockchain Pada Game Online

Menggunakan Token Didalam Pasar Game
TED merupakan salah satu mata uang didalam game TEDMORNING. TED menjadi instrumen pembayaran universal TED token bisa ditukar menjadi koin TED, begitu juga sebaliknya. Koin TED adalah mata uang didalam game yang bisa digunakan oleh para pemain untuk bertransaksi pada semua game yang diterbitkan oleh platform kami.

Gamer Ingin Bermain Game
Semua game yang berada didalam platform kami adalah gratis, artinya kita bisa bermain game tanpa harus membayar tapi kita bisa mempunyai peluang yang besar untuk menghasilkan uang berupa TED token atau koin TED.

Membeli Token TED Pada Masa Penjualan
Dengan melakukan pembelian token TED pada masa penjualan maka para pemain akan mendapatkan diskon item didalam game dan tidak hanya itu, para pembeli token tersebut bisa menukarkan token tersebut menjadi uang nyata.


Maret 2017
Membangun game portal cloud, Demo pasar TED, Membangun gamchain platform, Demo jaringan P2P dan Tedcoin hash
November 2017
Mengembangkan protokol konsensus dan membangun teknologi tedchain, Mengembangkan berbagai macam game menggunakan kontrak cerdas ethereum
Januari 2018
Membangun sistem voting (testnet), Mempublikasikan sistem hemat energi, Mengembangkan tedchain-JS dan tedchain-secure
Maret 2018
Beta dompet online dan keamanan komunikasi, Mengembangkan App store yang terdesentralisasi, Demo tedcoin stratum protokol
Juli 2018
Meluncurkan crowdsale dengan bonus khusus, Mengembangkan sistem uang elektronik, Menerbitkan versi alpha dompet tedcoin
Agustus 2018
Meluncurkan blockchain explorer, Pengujian P2P tedchain mining pool menggunakan protokol stratum, Meluncurkan ekosistem game
Oktober 2018
Kerjasama dengan enjincoin, Pengembangan platform API, Machine learning dan AI untuk analisis teknik lanjutan
Desember 2018
Dompet tedcoin versi alpha diluncurkan, Menerapkan reward engine (testnet), API untuk bot, game dan aplikasi pihak ke tiga
Februari 2019
Reward engine diluncurkan (mainnet), Tedchain membuka API, Meluncurkan teknologi gamifikasi, Mengembangkan toko game dalam smartphone

Saya yakin, dengan menggunakan sistem blockchain dalam sebuah permainan akan menjadi daya tarik tersendiri bagi para pecinta game. Dan tidak menutup kemungkinan Tedchain bisa melakukan pengembangan sistem agar bisa lebih terkenal didalam dunia game online. Jika sobat laresawoo masih kurang jelas dengan uraian diatas, silahkan langsung saja buka website resminya dibawah ini.