Friday, October 5, 2018

Published Secondary Digital Content

Published Secondary Digital ContentIt is possible to buy promote digital content material, such as comics, game products and songs that you want to see others.  We shall provide a safeguarded cloud technique called “Decentralized Security System” (DSS) through the use of blockchain engineering. And we are going to create a P2P - design distributed supplementary content system. We have main products about online mobile games. Also, we available in app store (android and iOs). A digital content deal on sent out secondary market place. A new blockchain economic age for the site owners, creators along with users. ASOBIMO DApps software will make a digital content about the secondary niche categories a valuable advantage for all functions, and provide some sort of secured stock trading experience at the minimal charge and frictionless.

The problem is …
A digital content is often too straightforward to copy. Exactly how allow written content redistribution functions for people, creators along with publishers?

ASOBIMO Solution

With these problems, we ASOBIMO will provide services that will overcome these problems with a system called DSS (Decentralized Security System). With this system the issue of article theft will be resolved, because we will provide a copyright label in your article.

For Example
You can sell various kinds of rare items or games in our store. You can take advantage of cryptocurrency in making transactions. Besides, you can also sell digital comics then exchange them with cryptocurrency. Or if you have expertise in combining various types of music, you can also sell it in our store and produce cryptocurrency.

With the DSS system (Decentralized Security System) your content will not be able to be sold again by others, because we grant patents to your content in our store. While for those of you who act as buyers, you can buy various kinds of content at relatively cheap prices. 

Naga Virtual
ASOBIMO and SWITEX Gmbh with each other developed NAGA Virtual, system for in-game ui items within ASOBI MARKETPLACE. Gamers can get or market in-game digital items separately or via a game author. Other than that, we offer a safe, reasonable, and contemporary market for any kind of games as well as virtual products. Essentially items trading, the site owners don’t receive much earnings, but due to NAGA Virtual’s publisher welcoming platform, they might get their cash in on the dealt amount.

Easy to use it
“The current DRM (Digital Rights Management) remains to be incomplete plus its difficult intended for private people to use the idea. However , we shall provide a best DRM applying blockchain, which often enables individuals to easily safeguarded their a digital content.

Our Roadmap
December 2018
Enable the usage of ASOBI COIN in ASOBIMO and other companies games
Launch ASOBI MARKET, Distributed Secondary Content Platform for in-game item trade
March 2019
Provide Distributed Secondary Content Platform for digital books and comics at ASOBI MARKET
Juni 2019
Provide Distributed Secondary Content Platform for music, movies, e-tickets etc. at ASOBI MARKET
December 2019
Enable the usage of ASOBI COIN in over 1000 games

Token Allocation
50% for token sale
At the ICO we will sell 50% of the tokens to ensure liquidity
20% for team and advisors
We will secure 20% of the tokens for team and advisors.
Lockup for 180 days.
10% for bounty
We will have the bounty program. No lock-up.
10% for airdrop
We will distribute 10% of the tokens for ASOBIMO game users.
No lock-up.
10% for reserve
We will keep 10% of the tokens as a backup.
Lockup for 360 days.

So, with this platform, I'm sure online game players who have rare items will be happy to buy and sell here. Because they can exchange these items with cryptocurrency. 

Monday, October 1, 2018

Cara Aman Memperbanyak Follower Twitter

Cara Aman Memperbanyak Follower TwitterSelamat sore, malam, pagi dan siang...... Sebelum ane lanjutin ke pokok bahasan memperbanyak follower twitter, ane mau jelasin judul artikel ini kepada ente-ente biar nanti ane ga merasa berdosa. Mungkin bagi ente yang mainan twitter hanya sebatas iseng atau biar kek orang-orang maka artikel ini mungkin sedikit sekali gunanya bagi ente. Tapi jika ente bermain twitter bertujuan untuk kerja (baca : cari duit online) maka kemungkinan besar artikel ini akan bermanfaat. Kenapa ane bilang kemungkinan ? Karena pemikiran setiap orang berbeda-beda, belum tentu ente bilang bermanfaat tapi menurut orang lain tidak. Yang jelas teknik ini sangat berguna bagi mereka yang mengikuti program bounty atau sering disebut sebagai "bounty hunter". 

PERINGATAN : ane gak memaksa ente mengikuti trik ini, jika terjadi sesuatu hal maka ente harus menerima segala resikonya.

Yang perlu dipersiapkan yang jelas yaitu akun twitter dengan sedikit atau banyak follower. Kemudian apa saja yang harus ente lakukan setelah punya akun tersebut ? Simak penjelasan singkat dibawah ini !

Trik Mendapatkan Follower Twitter

1. Masuk ke akun twitter ente masing-masing
2. Cari proyek yang ente ikuti
3. Lihat cuitan proyek tersebut yang banyak like & share
4. Follow mereka-mereka yang like & share tersebut
5. Tunggu sehari atau dua hari, DONE !

Perhatikan nomer 4 diatas ! Ente harus berhati-hati dalam melakukan follow, jika tidak maka ente siap-siap dipenjara .... Ha ha ha ha ..... Demi keamanan akun ente mungkin lebih baik kita bermain safety seperti ini :

  1. Lihat siapa saja yang like & share pada salah satu cuitan proyek yang ente ikuti
  2. Sebisa mungkin jangan mem-follow akun abal-abal alias akun tuyul
  3. Lihat dibawah nama & username mereka
  4. Usahakan mem-follow yang ada tagar tentang kriptokurensi
  5. Abaikan mereka yang tidak ada tagar atau tagar yang isinya #follow, #followback dsb.
  6. Jangan mem-follow dengan membabi buta, kasih jeda waktu
  7. Target mem-follow maksimal 20 orang per hari (target ane)
Setelah semua sudah ente lakukan, silahkan cek esok hari. Jika ente melakukannya dengan benar ane yakin follower ente akan bertambah dengan sendirinya. Dan follower yang ente dapatkan 99% tidak akan lepas, asalkan yang ente follow benar-benar akun mereka yang asli bukan akun bayangan atau akun tuyul atau apalah.

Karena ENTE butuh MEREKA & MEREKA butuh ENTE
Semoga sedikit trik ini bisa membantu sobat laresawoo dalam mendapatkan follower twitter dengan cara yang aman dan natural. Karena ada hubungan simbiosis mutalisme. Selamat mencoba! 

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Real Estate Evolution In Future

Real Estate Evolution In FutureThe success of the Leaxcoin platform will be totally achieved with a global community, founders, ambassadors, members, real estate specialists and experienced developers, who integrate, with the necessary tools, into all the real estate processes and regulatory agencies of property registration for the blockchain. Who offers digital transactions to buy and sell real estates nowadays? The technology adopted by the real estate managers nowadays is the 2.0 version, where all the registry process of a property is done without any connectivity or standardization in several underdeveloped countries, every time generating higher taxes and slower processes. In fact, technologies have exponentially grown and had an impact on billions of people all over the  world.

In addition to a great amount of time to find what they want, keen buyers are forced to enter their data into portals and third parts, thus increasing the costs, reducing innovation and inhibiting potential investors and buyers of the sector. 


Our aim is to ensure the feasibility of the real estate transfer. We can claim that we are a large Global Community, building a bridge to integrate the Leaxcoin platform with real estate organizations and registrars, complying with the jurisdiction of every country, state or city – thus guaranteeing authenticity and legal legimacy. Together we can go much further and make this integration with the Leaxcoin technology possible in real estate transactions! 

Support and Community leaxcoin

Leaxcoin, a community-based initiative, is a real open source project created by a global community of developers, engineers, executives, designers, academics, economists and blockchain enthusiasts, who have committed to including Leaxcoins into the main crypto currencies and making the decentralized technologies accessible to everybody. 

Ambassadors Program
Ambassadors will be in charge of the management and legal agreements between the  countries, cities and regions of their activity or specialty, helping and concluding agreements with real estate registrars involved in the Leax platform. 

Leaxcoin Wallet
The actual Leaxcoin budget will be completely developed within the Ethereum blockchain network, that is encrypted to prevent fraud as well as theft, getting the following features :

obtaining from any person on the Leaxcoin network.
purchase Leaxcoins within the ICO time period.
all of the transactions is going to be registered within the Ethereum blockchain network, as well as users may verify each and every transaction, that cannot be removed
every transaction needs a fee (gas price), which is, a fee towards the network servicing and to praise the users who else process these types of transactions on the computers (we use the Ethereum network), to keep the system incorruptible, secure, running as well as fully dispersed.

Community Managers will aim at helping the local community develop meetups, lectures, events, support and publicity of the Leaxcoin Project. Every community needs some incentives to continue being fair and cooperative with all members. Our community will be rewarded with improvements on the platform. 

Cryptocurrencies challenge present economic constructions and allow immediate transactions without any interference associated with third components, such as banking institutions and authorities. The demand with this market is higher, some cryptocurrency exchanges reach more than one billion dollars dollar within daily revenues.

Token Detail
Symbol : LEAX
Decimal : 18
Token Total :
Type : ERC20
Pre-ICO & Private ICO : 50%  (
Awards and Reservation  Community : 23% (460.000.000)
Bounty : 15% (300.000.000)
Team (frozen 12 months) : 12% (240.000.000)

If my article above useful, please share as much as possible. If this information is deemed incomplete, please visit the official media below!

Monday, September 24, 2018

Decentralization Professional Generated Content

Decentralization Professional Generated ContentTypically the superior articles generators plus communicators present high-quality written content to Fb, Zhihu (China Quora), Jinri Toutiao and so on Content machines, viewers, and even com-municators could mine CBNT tokens by simply posting information, sharing, writing comments, and choice etc . about the CBNT software. In the early stages, CBNT will also consider blockchain engineering and economical management material.

CBNT mining mechanism

About the CBNT software, how many CBNT tokens might be mined any time content inventors publish a write-up? The most important take into account the content gold mining incentives could be the content good quality. The value of state-of-the-art content about CBNT mostly comes from typically the mining habits of visitors.

Token Amount
Area of the mining associated with the people is derived from the quantity of tokens placed. The more to-kens held, the greater the weight in the mining benefit and the a lot more the mining or prospecting incentives will probably be rewarded down the road.

Contribution Value
When the user desires to share much more mining bonuses, he must continuously enhance his factor value.

Next, the behavior associated with evaluating the importance of high-quality content material is forwarding and spreading. Users may share good-quality content with buddies and can also generally be shared with social networking. When discussing is successful, this records exploration behavior, and also the content worth will also improve.

Audience that publish quality commentary on written content. If the feedback is well-liked by others, the two reviewer as well as author might be rewarded gold mining incentives, and then the contribution associated with the reporter will be extra as the variety of likes improves. (Users can simply get similar to incentives whenever they like along with comment on a few possibilities, and if their very own comment is usually liked, they might get the side of the bargain value and stuff like that incentives. This may encourage people to make far more high-quality opinions but not junk content.)

Every single effective just like on excellent content (both users using a higher side of the bargain value and also users together with lower info value) can easily increase the associated with your content's mining offers.

CB Value
Every mining will certainly consume a particular CB worth. The content exploration will eat a certain CLICKBANK value every time, and one hundred points is going to be added to the actual CB benefit every twenty four hours.

Mining Behavior Rank
Using the held expression amount, share value, exploration behavior (likes/shares/comments etc.) and the mining or prospecting behavior get ranking, the gold mining incentive benefit will be computed.

CBNT’s token handle is the caibao token, with reference to the China's characters with regard to wealth as well as treasure. CBNT token cases will have the best of getting into the Caibao room.

CBNT Account & Registration System
CBNT will provide an entire account sign up system, as well as users should complete accounts registration through mobile phone quantity. After getting into the CBNT system, we are going to assign a distinctive digital identification and CBNT digital budget to the consumer. The system will certainly encrypt all of the user information to ensure customer privacy. Simultaneously, in order to make sure the genuineness of local community users, id authentication is needed before taking part in mining bonuses.

CBNT Token Allocation

Decentralization Professional Generated Content

CBNT Team Plan
March 2018 : 
CBNT project start-up
Preparation for the business rules
Process design
Communication with content creators, etc.

July 2018 :
Complete product prototype and business rule model
CBNT token generation
Project development continues.

August 2018 :
Listing of CBNT official website.

September 2018:
Listing of CBNT Beta version; invite community members to form a beta team and complete a system test.

October 2018 :
Listing CBNT 1.0 version
Available for IOS and Android users.

September 2019 :
Gradually achieve group wisdom decision-making, and establish a self-operated distributed community with ecosystem co-construction, community co-governance, and revenue sharing, and in which each CBNT holder can participate in community elections, business decision-making activities, etc.
I think this is great project for future, and don't forget to write carefully and after that mak your decision. Make the better future with us !

Sunday, September 23, 2018

Social Media With Blockchain Technology

Social Media With Blockchain TechnologyThe primary focus of FORESTING Network’s a few departments are definitely the FORESTING people. The level of material delivery along with platform input by the FORESTING user specifies the scalability and impression of the FORESTING Network. FORESTING is the principal social media some sort of blockchain using economic liberty for subject material providers.

About Foresting Bank

Customers can help the FORESTING system through a number of activities, such as creating as well as providing content material, writing remarks, liking, and also sharing. The actual contribution associated with users is actually evaluated utilizing a new factor assessment product presented through FORESTING Financial institution.
Users could hardly fully concentrate on content creation prior to financial solutions from current banks derive from income, cash transactions along with credit ratings.

Make Your Dreams Different
Typically the FORESTING Research laboratory runs a offline collaborative space intended for FORESTING people. FORESTING’s collaborative space is available to any participator in the FORESTING Network which is used entirely to grow the FORESTING Network along with develop the neighborhood.

User Friendly Interface
Being a blockchain structured social media assistance, FORESTING’s aim is to present users with the easy and easy service, similar to on classic social media programs, while likewise providing timely measurements along with transactions with their content prices.

The purpose of FORESTING Bank
In the center from the FORESTING System is the consumer. In addition to offering content, customers also help the platform's development with a number of types of content material. It provides customized financial solutions for articles creators which contribute to the developing platform as well as community. In so doing, the content supplier will be able to concentrate on creating his or her own written content, and the submission of good information will make the actual FORESTING system more important.

Traditional Credit Method Foresting Bank
The prevailing CSS Credit history Evaluation Process predicts typically the customer's power to repay their very own financial phrases by seeing and grading the patron's financial history to deliver information for you to financial institutions.

FORESTING Bank Credit Rating Method
As well as promoting credit history through public activities, FORESTING Bank can introduce some sort of credit rating composition according to their contribution review model, which often only measures FORESTING base contributions via FORESTING people. Every FORESTING user results in the growth on the FORESTING stand in a variety of approaches, ranging from generating and revealing, as well as publishing comments along with viewing. Typically the FORESTING Traditional bank collects the info shown about the FORESTING blockchain to gauge the degree of interconnection, content creation, piece security, plus the contribution for you to FORESTING’s expansion.
Foresting Voting System
The actual network can provide users the justification to vote as well as collect views efficiently. The particular Forrester voting system includes voting legal rights and bridal party into a design for gathering opinions. FORESTING is provides a PTON CREDIT SCORE as a quantity on the system that is proportionate to the PTON token.

Commercial Sharing Income
Lately, Facebook's private information leak, that caused an enormous worldwide effect, has verified this fact. The biggest concern is that most content material platform providers use client databases in order to earn marketing revenue. Rather than focusing on these types of advertising revenue-driven platforms, FORESTING will create the content-centric system that creates revenue completely from content. This is simply not a problem along with existing social networking, where just personal information will depend on advertising and marketing revenue. FORESTING encourages much better content creation and can create a far better content tradition with value based on worth rather than real traffic-based articles valuation.

Monday, September 17, 2018

Blockchain System In Routes Social Network

The part of interpersonal organizations and media appropriation is controlled by few critical organizations, whose quality lies in the content that their a large number of clients make and offer once a day. Navibration Experiences will be a decentralized informal community of sound guided courses from various urban areas around the globe.

Blockchain System In Navibration

Each course made will wind up available inside the Navibration Experiences stock, which will incorporate a blockchain trade in which the reward structure will be portrayed by splendid contract. Purchases of courses inside the stage ought to be conceivable using Navicoins or FIAT.

We Have To Hold This Token
Our Token Gives Every one of The Benefits
To get to the most vital activities inside Navibration Encounters, it won't just be a fundamental necessity that the client has a specific number of tokens in their ownership and with a particular age.

Blockchain System In Routes Social NetworkHold This Token To Get Reward
Every client with a privilege to a reward will get this reward as long as they keep something like half of the considerable number of tokens got for all the rewards. On the off chance that whenever the client chooses to dispose of over half of the tokens got as a reward for their commitments, from that minute onwards they won't get more rewards (the client may get the prizes again by procuring the tokens that enable them to meet the prerequisite).

With Our Token You Will Dependably Save Money
All buys of present and future Navibration items will have a 30% markdown if bought with our token. Also, there will be packs and restrictive offers that must be bought with our token.

In the event that another client is intrigued, they can gain the transferable part in return for the stipulated tokens. From that minute, the prizes progress toward becoming for the new client capable.


With something that does not exist today: an approach to become more acquainted with the urban areas through recorded figures, with sounds, without maps, disconnected and at their own particular pace. our compass is around the world. On the off chance that we take a gander at the 5 nations with the most tourism in the world.

Every one of the courses that clients make in Navibration Encounters will end up accessible in our Navibration application as "inapp Purchases". Navibration (whose center is our licensed route framework through vibration) will be the methods by which courses should be possible. End clients will appreciate a sound guided visit, moving starting with one place then onto the next without maps, without web and without taking a gander at the gadget. This is the thing that we call navibrate.


We have in front of us the energizing test of building up the world's initially decentralized biological community of sound guided courses.

The fifty most imperative urban areas on the world  are accessible in our cataloge  by next summer.

This will be our first wearable and will comprise of a savvy in view of our route framework through vibration, with which end clients will have the capacity to both navibrate anyplace on the planet and perform sound guided courses specifically with their watch.

This will be another of our principle wearables, and will be pointed for the most part at dazzle clients or the individuals who are outwardly impeded. It will work correspondingly to the Navibration Watch, however for this situation, the route framework by vibration will be joined into a mobile stick.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ by MASPHIE

Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Computerized Banker With Quantumpay

Computerized Banker With QuantumpayQuantum Pay is really a Decentralized as well as Computerized Bank Engine who else serves as a fiscal services system. As a service successively upon blockchain equipment, Quantum Pay uses electronic currency like a little cost doorway in order to investment, financing, funding and also banking, distributing the impact of financial organizations past their current outlet footwork to the number of individuals who are unbanked in the world. This too delivers person-to-person wallet handovers, bill expenses, portable top- ups, functional shopping, along with transfer solutions. Its foreign currency distribution program shields thousands of banks, pawnshops, fee shops, and door-to-door delivery with the world.. Utilizing Quantum Pay out, clients possess contact for an app budget to be released by the group and services such as repayments, air-time, expenses payments, resort bookings, video game credits in addition to online shopping in a number of sellers who acknowledge digital foreign money.

We have been proud like a first Decentralized and Digital Banker Motor which should deliver electronic money exchanges and other solutions and be probably the most trusted electronic digital currency which will be partnered quickly by trustworthy companies all over the world. As of now, we now have a number of great companies waiting around to be combined by all of us. We utilize Secured and guarded connections, higher coded security and 2-Factor Authentication in order to secure your own experience.

Why is this much more feasible is it can be utilized also off-line by our own SMS driver. More information is going to be downloaded following the grand release of our Quantum Pay Application. This application also can spend your providers using QPAY token to a employees all over the world. Using Qpay, you can start taking payments these days and start receiving payments in less than 10 minutes. We additionally make less expensive remittances as well as remit cash quickly in a fraction from the typical price. The Quantum Pay software can get remittances to their location through the network associated with over a amount of retail areas soon. For any commitment with regard to greater great on the other hand and also greater responsibility, Unlike different ways and programs, Quantum pay's exchanges will probably be conducted on the blockchain and will also be recorded on just one, globally available ledger, offering an accurate along with unmodifiable monetary audit path that's why cost benefits will be situated. By providing a far more efficient method to transfer worth and decreasing the dependence on money, it can conserve costs regarding government, banking institutions, and finish consumers.

Discussing about protection, considering that every purchase in Quantum Pay Iphone app is in an electronic format recorded, this lets for timely, accurate examination of deals to prevent dollars laundering and also other illicit pursuits.


Primary you need to do is undoubtedly an App pocket. Create your budget in minutes by our plan, no lowest cash-in volumes, and no once a month fees. Quantum Pay software package is for you to put your personal QPAY symbol and etherium also. Before long, upgraded type will include bitcoin and other digital camera currency. Expert services included including shop, obtain phone basket full, pay bills, e-book hotels, activity credits, in addition to send income to any important bank as well as remittance heart - all of from all of our QPAY Software package.


QPAY is an ERC-20 token which is used in Quantum Pay Application in general however further improvements will include ETH, BTC along with other leading crypto currency within digital marketplace. QPAY will give you a simple, safe and effective digital power supervision device for providers who will have the ability to practice autonomy in wallets and handbags formation, presenting, secure electronic benefit controlling, suitable agreement implementation, as well as real-time industry apprises.

Crowdforce Blockchain System Review

Growing markets don't need large expensive infrastructures which may take years to create. There within silicon valley we-took a global look into the key issues in growing markets (Africa, Asia as well as South America) and rapidly learnt the next :
  • Every company in rising markets requirements an off-line distribution system for possibly penetrative researching the market, payments and also digital solutions.
  • Bringing the following billion customers in appearing markets towards the digital economic climate requires a human being touch. Consequently incentivising the neighborhood and reliable retail outlets inside each local community to make services for the mass marketplace will be the crucial.
These types of points describes why Alphabet’s CEO, Joshua Schmidt forecasted that “the next $100 billion organization will be powered by crowd-based solutions. ” This WhitePaper explains the actual CrowdForce Remedy Framework in order to solving the above mentioned key issues with the goal of lastly bringing electronic and monetary inclusion towards the remaining three billion underbanked and unbanked population within emerging marketplaces.


Decentralized Payment Processing
Blockchain offers immediate payment options that considerably reduce the trouble of making repayments to these area agents regardless of their areas (rural, metropolitan, and peri-urban).

Reducing Cost of Transaction
By reducing the middlemen, the cost of business deal is materially diminished.

Creating an Immutable System of Record
Upon public blockchains, the dispersed ledger comprises an immutable system of data that is available to any or all participants.

Enhanced Security
There is absolutely no central stage of failing and hence no point associated with entry with regard to malicious electronic attacks.

Mckinsey Global Institute reported which digital financial has the probability of provide entry to financial deal for about 1.6 billion dollars people within emerging financial systems, and about 2.5 million of the worldwide population tend to be underbanked as well as unbanked.

As soon as the token selling we will improve our current agent bank app equip any buyer buy or sell cryptocurrency at their particular local realtor store. Picture creating entry for 2 hundred million buyers to own electronic digital assets easily.

Strengthen household earnings in the face of negative income shock. Remittances in order to Nigeria surpass $20bn and also 40% associated with Somalis depend on remittances to satisfy basic every day needs

Ethereum platform and also time relocated to the CrowdForce blockchain system. The process flow is as follows :
  • Sign up on the CrowdForce Platform
  • Fund their escrow wallets
  • Deploy micro tasks and services on the network
  • Settlements are sent to their Bank Accounts while Crowd-Force commission will be debited from their escrow wallets.
Token Functionality in Detail
Force Token  (market abbreviation CRF) is the indigenous token from the CrowdForce System, and facilitates all actions and performance on the CrowdForce Platform. CRF Token is really a platform power transactions charge instrument that permits All parties (Agents and Businesses) to pay CrowdForce Platform commission rate after the Symbol Sale as well as CRF Expression deposits within the platform.

Through CRF bridal party and personal details about verified real estate agent or consumer (his or even her managed personal Ethereum address) data to the blockchain. CrowdForce organization requests individual data for your Company web-servers.
In Stage 2 of our own roadmap, crowdforce plans in order to record Confirmed Agents information hashed functionality results to Tested users can prove their own verified electronic identity inside the CrowdForce System identities confirmation methods.

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