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Cara Cepat Dapat Uang Game ETS2

Cara Cepat Dapat Uang Game ETS2Jumpa lagi dengan laresawoo. Sudah lama gak corat-coret disini. Kali ini saya mo bagi-bagi tips atau trik untuk mendapatkan uang dengan cepat pada game ETS2. Tapi sebelum masuk ke pokok bahasan, saya mo mengingatkan bahwa cara ini hanya berlaku bagi teman-teman yang senang bermain jujur pada sebuah game. Jadi, jika teman-teman sudah terbiasa bermain curang...maka trik atau tips ini sudah tidak berlaku lagi. Karena cara ini tidak bisa dilakukan dengan instan, butuh beberapa waktu untuk bisa mewujudkannya. Tapi waktu tersebut tidak selama dan sepanjang kalau kita tidak memakai cara ini.

Sebagai perkenalan saja, game ETS2 atau Euro Truck Simulator 2 merupakan game simulasi yang sistem aslinya atau cara bermainnya menggunakan sebuah truk. Tapi dengan berkembangnya kemampuan para penggunanya, disana banyak sekali MOD atau mungkin dalam dunia software desain bisa disebut dengan PLUGIN untuk melakukan sesuatu secara instan. Jadi kita disini bertindak sebagai sopir (baik itu sopir sewaan maupun sopir truk sendiri). Kita bisa membawa barang-barang dari kota A menuju kota B atau dari pulau A ke pulau B menggunakan angkutan berupa truk.

Untuk bisa mengmbangkan sebuah perusahaan truk yang besar, yang pasti kita butuh uang. Dan dalam game ets2 ada dua macam cara mendapatkan uang tersebut, yaitu :
  1. Manual
  2. Instan (MOD MODE)
Namun pada artikel ini saya hanya membahas tentang mendapatkan uang secara manual. Nah, apa saja yang dibutuhkan untuk bisa mewujudkannya, silahkan simak dibawah ini !
  1. Harus punya GARASI lebih dari satu
  2. Jarak garasi satu dengan yang lainnya kalau bisa berjauhan
  3. Harus ada minimal 1 truk yang beroperasi pada setiap garasi
Setelah kita sudah melakukan 3 poin diatas, saatnya kita melakukan trik menambang uang^^
Caranya sangat mudah dan gampang yaitu dengan "QUICK TRAVEL" antar garasi. Dengan melakukan quick travel maka secara otomatis uang kita akan bertambah. Untuk mendapatkan hasil yang maksimal, UPGRADE semua garasi sampai maksimal dan isi truk sampai full beserta sopirnya. Tapi ingat, beri jeda waktu 1 hari dalam game untuk melakukan quick travel.

Dengan cara diatas, kita tidak perlu lagi menggunakan cara curang atau MOD MODE untuk menghasilkan uang yang banyak. Jika masih bingung dengan penjelasan saya diatas, silahkan tonton langsung vidionya di link dibawah ini !

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Entertainment With Blockchain Technology

Entertainment With Blockchain TechnologyThe industrial framework based on massive capital additionally brings numerous restrictions within developing Indie content. BLUE BAIKAL aims to make use of blockchain from the investment in addition to circulation regarding content inside content creation, and special offers after released for consumer retention. BLUE BAIKAL will assistance their development to bring a brand new sensation in the present entertainment commercial structure. BLUE BAIKAL’s full support structure includes a specific crowd financing service along with social media, electronic content shop, and enjoyment projects, that all together use BBK Bridal party. 

Additionally, content customers show a bent to break far from just like a passive client. More and more content contributed to competition available in the market, and shoppers have commenced finding most of their desired articles on their own, creating content sellers to fees more promoting expenses. 6% of twelve-monthly growth around content development expense. Hence, the importance of connection building involving the content and even consumers, together with content suppliers and Investors, is becoming a lot more significant today. When listed factors are provided properly, BLUE BAIKAL will be very powerful in international entertainment markets. Consumers’ reviews enjoy an important position in the consumer’s selection of material within the market place environment, as well as the review of a pre-experienced consumer, a great influencer, is influential for drawing focus on the subject material and bringing about purchases. Anybody would like to spend money on the new subject matter, producers, or even current content material from BLUE BAIKAL, which is usable BBK also as well.

Existing Entertainment Bussiness
In Korea exactly where data reveals significant final result in leisure business, 53% of articles business functioning funds will be reliant about government insurance policy funds in support of 24% of your funds are actually from growth capital. This illustrates how problematic it is to draw funds for content organization industry The prevailing concern that why written content business sees difficulties within attracting resources is because of the exact industry’s perilous and excessive return approach to profits. Typically the online-based platform’s market electricity in material distribution is usually increasing ordinary.

The actual marketing price to acquire as well as retain customers in the amusement industry is continually increasing. Within 2017, people spent typically 51 minutes to search for their own desired content. As the leisure industry becomes a personalized market, customer needs with regard to content investigation and suggestion services tend to be naturally getting more substantial. The particular consumers in the USA on a daily basis discuss 27% regarding online subject material, while these people share 57% of online content on the weekly foundation - these types of contents are usually digital material produced by the that are bought by family members, friends, youtube. 

Concept of Blue Baikal Service
Social Media Service: Reward type social media based on entertainment
Digital Content Store: Store Service for entertainment content sales.
Crowdfunding Service: Investment service for new entertainment projects

The main function of the BBK token
BBK Tokens within Social Media Service
BBK Tokens within Digital Content Store
BBK Tokens within Crowd Funding Service
BBK Tokens as property

Blue Baikal environment supports BBK Token cases in becoming actively involved with every area of the content material business worth chain to be able to maximize the benefits and profits of articles producer utilizing Blue Baikal. Furthermore, they are going to share the earnings generated through the service along with BBK Symbol holders. Every participant should receive support through, participate in, as well as contribute to the progress of the eco-system.

BBK Token holder
The BBK token holder appertains to the user associated with Blue Baikal service who else possesses an investable Baikal Bridal party. Anyone who wants to make use of Blue Baikal service must possess a BBK Token. Due to this, Blue Baikal provides a few BBK As well to preliminary members. BBK Token cases can take subsequent actions.

Individual Media
Influencers have to stick to the same principles as BBK Token owners in Azure Baikal services. However, the particular role regarding influencers inside the service is significant, and also Blue Baikal will provide these services to back up influencers to make certain that they become successful.

Content Producers
Articles producers acquire production expenditures, direct promoting, and advertising services. So that you can maximize this article producer’s rewards, Blue Baikal will provide huge data research, AI schedule target advertising and marketing services, and also various marketing promotions.

We have 2 technology
Significance of utilizing blockchain technology
Applied Technology

BBK Roadmap
Social service alpha open marketing for user acquisition
Token listing
Social service beta open
Crowdfunding beta open enhancing partnership with the content producer
Content store beta open discovering content provider
Reinforcing incubation and store business
Service update and reinforcing platform business
Reinforcing user analysis

Entertainment With Blockchain Technology

For more information if you need, please check the link below !
BountyOx Username : masphie

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DABANKING : The Best Gaming Platform

DABANKING : decentralized  Gaming PlatformBitcoin provides outstanding deal advantages for example freedom, protection, a high level associated with control for your users on their own and a totally transparent system. All of these bitcoin benefits tend to be enabled through the blockchain technologies.

Dapps are decentralized applications operating on peer-to-peer utility blockchain networks, permitting developers in order to expand dapps in various places. Dapps provide the highest privileges regarding users as a result of advantages of unmatched applications by means of transparency, steadiness and large security while being used. Capturing that pattern, DABANKING job was born using a noble quest to become the particular pioneering energy blockchain program in producing an environment to be able to built dapps with decentralized entertainment providers with visibility, fairness and also optimal customer experience.

The problem in online game development nowadays is the incapability to demonstrate the lifestyle and title of the property in the game, thus leading to several frauds. A brilliant contract permits users to get confident that they'll receive identified assets or perhaps items if they are bound from the blockchain. Changing in-game things is now any lucrative market estimated from $50 million US dollar and is anticipated to increase swiftly. The "unique" non-fungible expression is one of the most crucial contributions that will blockchain gives the games industry. 

Fomojackpot and fomogame

Main dapp items of DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery plan base in blockchain technological innovation together with the dapp game each called fomogame, which aids participants not merely entertain after having a tiring day time but also as well increase their particular income in an easy approach.
DABANKING : decentralized  Gaming Platform

Fomogame is a self-employed dapp program within the environment of DABANKING built within the blockchain associated with ethereum. Apply mining expression system and also fomogame method are a couple of independent devices so consumers need to sign-up an account for every single system to use the two platforms.


  • 50% into the reward
  • 20% instant income
  • 17% referral income
  • 10% of dividends
  • 3% develop new products


DAA token features a maximum flow of 20.000.000 DAA and is slowly exploited whenever users purchase tickets as well as play games along with ETH which is the just way to obtain a DAA symbol. 


  • 60% for miners
  • 20% for product development
  • 10% for marketing
  • 10% for partner

The succeeding multiplier agent is determined by the reliant formula within the total number associated with tickets bought and when the entire of 44.230 seat tickets are obtained, the earning multiplier will certainly return to x1.

Once you introduce any newcomer purchasing the ticket because of your referral website link, you get an endless income of around 17%.
DABANKING : decentralized  Gaming Platform

When buying a ticket, you have the opportunity to win a huge amount of ETH in 4 treasures :

  • Diamond chest
  • Ruby chest
  • Gold chest
  • Silver chest

The actual dividend swimming pool will consist of 10% of the total ETH ticket bought and all earnings of fomogame. Once each and every 2 weeks, the actual dividend pool area will be paid according to the framework:
70% in the ETH within the pool is actually divided similarly to all trading accounts that have freezing DAA symbol
30% associated with dividends swimming will be put into the next 2-week dividend swimming pool area
At the end of the particular dividend transaction, all DAA tokens are going to be unfrozen and wish to be iced again to get the next returns round.

Within DABANKING video game, you can perform the game straight with your ERC20 wallet that contains ETH but if you act like you want to enjoy the game using the DAA symbol then you have to deposit expression to the anatomy's virtual budget before actively playing because the intelligent contract associated with ethereum will not allow immediate token through ERC20 finances to play.

When burning up DAA within a token pool, also losing the amount of DAA token from the developer's budget at the price of 60: 40 (burning 6 DAA tokens inside the token pool area, burning 4 DAA associated with developer wallet).

MY ROADMAP ~ phase 1
Built a development team, prepare a detail plan and prepare technology foundation.
Officially introduce game ecosystem on DAPP and start to develop DAB token minning community.
List DAA token and DAB token on free exchanges and integrate new games.
Open the swap port form the DAA token to DAB token for users. Add new game DAPP.

If you want more information, visit the link below :

My Profile;u=1164699

#Dapps #DABANKING #FomoJackpot #Blockchain #ETH

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Cara Ampuh Menampilkan Compliance Test UBNT

Cara Ampuh Menampilkan Compliance Test UBNTSalam jumpa ..... Gimana kabarnya bro,  sehat kan ? Alhamdulillah.... Kali ini ane mo nulis artikel tentang Compliance Test yang ada pada produk Ubiquity. Sebenarnya Compliance Test ini ada juga di dalam produk Tp-Link, hanya saja namanya yang berbeda yaitu Test Mode. Mungkin kapan-kapan ane bahas tentang Test Mode jika ada kesempatan menggunakan produk Tp-Link lagi. Bagi ente yang sudah malang-melintang di dalam dunia persilatan ubiquity pasti sudah tidak asing lagi dengan compliance test, tapi bagi ente yang masih baru bermain produk ubiquity mungkin masih bingung. Karena saat ini produk ubiquity yang baru sudah tidak ada lagi fitur compliance test.

Apa Sih Compliance Test ?
Compliance Test merupakan pilihan country atau negara yang ada disetiap perangkat internet. Biasanya muncul pada saat pertama kali kita mau login ke produk tersebut. (maaf kalo salah)

Guna Compliance Test Apaan ?
Menurut ane, Com Test atau Test Mode adalah sebuah pilihan country yang ditujukan hanya untuk tester aja. Karena jika kita pilih negara selain Compliance Test maka frekwensi yang muncul pada saat kita scan SSID suatu perangkat hanya terbatas (bisa ane bilang lebih fokus sih).

Beda Compliance Test dengan Country Lainnya ?
Jika kita pilih Compliance Test sebagai country maka saat melakukan scanning, frekwensi yang muncul banyak sekali (mulai dari yang legal - ilegal). Namun jika kita pilih country selain Com Test, maka frekwensi yang muncul hanya beberapa saja (ex. Country Indonesia hanya muncul 16 frekwensi).

Kenapa Compliance Test Sekarang TIdak Ada ?
Menurut ane, pihak ubiquity sengaja menghilangkan country tersebut karena mungkin ada yang menyalahgunakan fungsinya. 

Apa Bisa Compliance Test Diaktifkan Lagi ?

Caranya ?
Silahkan lanjut aja baca sampai bawah...

Memunculkan Compliance Test

Alat yang dibutuhkan :
1. Komputer atau laptop
2. Software Putty (jangan sampek salah baca bro ^^), bisa ente dapatkan gratis di internet
3. Command atau perintah untuk mengaktifkan country compliance test

Langkah-langkahnya :
1. Nyalakan PC atau laptop kemudian hubungkan dengan perangkat ubiquity
2. Reset dulu produk ubiquity tersebut (jika masih baru tidak perlu)
3. Buka software Putty
4. Masukkan IP default produk Ubiquity tersebut lalu klik Open
Cara Ampuh Menampilkan Compliance Test UBNT

5. Setelah itu akan muncul sebuah tampilan command prompt
6. Masukkan Username & Password produk tersebut (default : ubnt, ubnt) lalu akan keluar tampilan seperti dibawah ini
Cara Ampuh Menampilkan Compliance Test UBNT

7. Kemudian pilih command / perintah yang cocok dengan versi firmware perangkat ente
Untuk firmware 5.5.8
echo “radartool cactime 1000″ > /etc/persistent/rc.poststart
echo “echo ‘
atau bisa juga pakai yang ini
\n’ >> /etc/” >> /etc/persistent/rc.poststart
chmod +x /etc/persistent/rc.poststart
cfgmtd -w -p /etc/

Untuk firmware 5.5.9 Up
touch /etc/persistent/ct
Copy command tersebut kemudian paste pada kolom command prompt (no. 6 diatas). Tunggu hingga muncul tulisan REBOOT, lalu tekan ENTER. Jangan kaget, karena perangkat akan booting beberapa saat.

8. Setelah perangkat selesai booting, silahkan cek pada pilihan country. Jika masih belum muncul berati ada yang salah. Silahkan dibaca dengan teliti.....

Dan gambar di bawah adalah country compliance test  pada litebeam yang ane gunakan untuk scan frekwensi. Coba ente bedakan dengan setingan ente yang masih menggunakan country selain com test.
Cara Ampuh Menampilkan Compliance Test UBNT

OK, ane rasa sudah cukup penjelasan mengenai compliance test, jika ente maasih belum mengerti silahkan tulis pertanyaan di kolom komentar yang sudah disediakan atau tonton langsung video ane di bawah ini. Selamat mencoba semoga sukses. Sampai jumpa pada artikel menarik selanjutnya.


Friday, February 1, 2019

Jangan Membeli Redmi Note 7 Sekarang

Jangan Membeli Redmi Note 7 SekarangSalam jumpa dengan laresawoo bro, pada kesempatan ini ane mo nulis artikel yang mungkin berbeda dengan biasanya. Karena artikel ini gak ada di dalam kategori yang ada di atas karena masuk ke dalam daftar Lain-Lain. OK, langsung aja yak .... Ente pasti sudah denger banyak tentang smartphone-smartphone baru yang sudah keluar atau bahkan yang masih berada dalam kapasitas kabar burung. Salah satunya adalah Redmi Note 7, ane yakin dari sekian banyak yang baca artikel ini sudah ada yang membelinya. Jujur aja, ane tergila-gila ama ni smartphone. Tapi ane berusaha bertahan untuk gak beli redmi note 7 sekarang. Mau tau alasannya ? budayakan membaca sampai habis yak ^^

Sekilas mengenai redmi note 7, ane langsung terpikat dengan ini gadget karena ane rasa apa yang di usung oleh redmi note 7 cukup memperlancar pekerjaan ane nantinya. Mulai dari kamera, redmi note 7 di bekali dengan kamera belakang 48Mp dan 5Mp. Gimana ane gak ngiler liat kamera segitu gede, bisa-bisa ane jadi gak inget pulang ini (hunting konten). Sedangkan untuk ente yang suka serfie, ane rasa dengan 13Mp pada kamera depan sudah cukup untuk gaya-gayaan. Bahkan ane yakin, jika dipakai untuk "kamera jahad" bener-bener akan mantul. Tapi buat ane kamera depan segitu sudah lebih dari cukup, karena ane gak gitu suka selpi-selpian. Paling kamera depan ane pakai buat potret syarat-syarat proyek dari luar negeri yang butuh photo diri dengan memegang beberapa ID.

Masuk ke bagian baterai, redmi note 7 dibekali dengan baterai 4000mAh. Ini sudah hampir menjadi syarat mutlak bagi ane dalam mencari atau membeli sebuah smartphone baru. Karena ane gak begitu suka bawa-bawa power bank pas lagi jalan, paling banter cuma charger yang ane bawa.

Dan yang terakhir adalah sistem Gyro, mungkin banyak yang gak peduli atau memperhatikan hal ini. Karena tidak semua orang butuh fitur ini, tapi ane ...... sudah yakin pasti butuh. Ente ga tau buat apa fitur gyro ? ..... Gyro ane artikan fitur kamera DSLR dalam bentuk minim dengan fitur ini ane bisa membuat photo panoramic sphere. Bingung lagi dengan istilah panoramic sphere ? Kalau ini lebih baik ente tanya ke mbah gugel aja, yang jelas photo-photo dengan efek panoramic sphere bisa ane jual online.

Meskipun cuma tiga sistem yang ane tulis diatas, tapi ane juga tidak menutup mata dengan fitur-fitur yang lain. Sengaja ane gak tulis karena kebanyakan sama dengan smartphone-smartphone yang lain. Seperti display, chipset, cpu, gpu dan lain-lain.

Nah.... dengan penjelasan diatas kenapa ane masih belum meminang ni gadget..... ? cekidot ...


Ane pengen nunggu yang redmi note 7 pro keluar dulu, setelah itu ane pengen compare

Nah.... buat ente yang sudah terlanjur beli redmi note 7 semoga gak akan nyesel nanti ya bro... Karena menurut kabar, yang versi pro kameranya sudah memakai punya Sony. Prediksi ane sebelum lebaran kemungkinan redmi note 7 pro sudah rilis. 

Jadi cuma satu itu alasan ane belum beli redmi note 7 sekarang,  OK sob, tunggu aja tanggal mainnya.... yang versi pro pasti keluar dan semoga tidak menjadi barang ghoib.

Sunday, January 6, 2019

Tips Agar Balita Tidak Takut Potong Rambut

Tips Agar Balita Tidak Takut Potong Rambuthai broo....... sumpah lama banget gak update artikel. Entah tiba-tiba muncul rasa males dan ditambah lagi ada kerjaan real yang sangat menyita waktu dan logika. Tapi ya sudahlah, yang jelas untuk saat ini ane mumpung lagi niat untuk nulis ha-ha-ha-ha. Sebenarnya ini sedikit banyak masih bisa dihubungkan dengan logika, tapi menurut kabar yang beredar di sono noo.... hampir semua laki-laki berpikir menggunakan logika dan wanita berpikir menggunakan perasaan. Entah itu bener ato gak, yang jelas kalau ane tetep logika lebih besar daripada perasaan. Karena artikel ini 90% ditujukan buat emak-emak atau yang mau jadi emak-emak yang sebab hampir semuanya yang ngurusin balita sejak lahir adalah para emak-emak. Sebenarnya masalah ini mungkin ada yang menganggap tidak begitu penting, tapi bagi emak-emak yang punya jiwa gaul maka model rambut pasti diperhatiin. Dan untuk mendapatkan model rambut yang diinginkan yang pasti harus dateng ke barbershop atau bisa juga ke potong rambut madura.

Langsung aja ke pokok permasalahan. Mungkin emak-emak atau bapak-bapak ada yang mengalami pada saat dede bayi atau balita rewel nangis ketakutan ketika mau dipotong rambutnya ? entah itu di salon, barbershop atau potong rambut madura. Sebenernya hal ini bisa terjadi karena si balita belum pernah melihat atau mengunjungi tempat tersebut. Padahal masa-masa balita adalah masa-masa tingkat keingintahuan berada pada tingkat dewa. Mungkin beberapa tips dari saya dibawah ini bisa mengatasi masalah tersebut!

Balita Takut Potong Rambut

A. Tips bagi yang punya balita takut potong rambut

1. Belikan mainan gunting plastik & ajak bermain potong-potong rambut
2. Ajak main ke tukang atau temen yang kerjaannya jadi tukang potong rambut
3. Jangan ajak ke barbershop dan kawan-kawannya pas ada balita nangis waktu di cukur
4. Ajak balita pas ente potong rambut

B. Tips balita bawah 1 tahun & yang hendak akan mau punya balita

1. Ajak balita (setelah cukup umur) pas ente mau potong rambut
2. Jangan cukur rambut balita dengan cara dicuri-curi (pas tidur dll.)
3. Setelah cukup umur dan waktunya cukur, ajak langsung ke tukang cukur

Dan salah satu penyebabnya menurut ane adalah memotong rambut balita pada saat tidur (dicuri-curi). Jadi jika emak-emak atau bapak-bapak gak pengen si dede takut dengan yang namanya tukang cukur atau gunting cukur, ajaklah sesekali mereka berbaur dengan tukang cukur dan alat-alatnya (guntinglah paling gak). Karena balita nangis sebenernya bukan karena takut akan tetapi karena mereka belum familiar dengan alat dan suasana yang ada pada saat itu. Seperti pepatah mengatakan "Tak kenal maka tak sayang", nah loh.... makin nglantur kan nulisnya ha-ha-ha-ha. Tapi gak ada salahnya buat emak-emak berpikir sejenak menggunakan logika berdasarkan pepatah diatas. Jujur, artikel ini ane tulis berdasarkan pengalaman pribadi pada si jagoan ane "Jagad Raya".

Dah gitu aja tips dari ane, semoga yang punya masalah seperti diatas bisa mencoba dan berhasil. Jika ada salah tulis ataupun kata-kata, ane mohon maap. Sampai jumpa pada artikel selanjutnya.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Cryptocurrency Exchange To Reduce Trade Losses

Cryptocurrency Exchange To Reduce Trade LossesSince the popularity of crypto-currencies rises, much more people ponder over it and make use of the blockchain technologies for transaction, transfer, swap. Fast as well as affordable crypto-currency deposit/withdrawals boosts the likelihood of the introduction in to everyday life through reducing the actual barriers in order to entering cryptology. With the Topex. io forex trading platform risks related to trading tend to be decreasing, permitting tradersto conserve finances in the event of errors. 

The actual exchange from the crypto-currency among themselves as well as for fiat foreign currency is mainly performed on central trading trades, where the common capitalization of the particular foreign money is determined. United states exchange Poloniex is the biggest exchange when it comes to trading volume level, with border trading, instead low commission rate and higher level of protection, but will not exchange, because deposit as well as withdrawal, associated with fiat cash. It is a hurdle for traders when getting into crypto-currencies marketplace.

Topex ICO

ICO allows you to manage new jobs on the block-chain network, getting investments, release tokens, which often represent a fundamental asset.

Trading Platform
Topex. io is really a crypto-currency swap with a every day profit submission between TPX token cases and payment for industry losses. The amount of settlement will be determined based on the amount of negative dealings in relation to the entire volume of unfavorable transactions associated with other customers.

Topex Economic
At this time, crypto-currencies are believed as an eye-catching investment fixed and current assets, characterized by large profitability. In trade trading buyers face different risks, mostly a group of market place risks connected with changes in the associated with financial property. Topex. io economic type is directed at reducing sector risks inside the trade involving crypto money and redbull currency, this process helps to may help entrance buffer to crypto-currency market. using a systematic way of reducing the particular uncertainty connected with trade inside crypto currency exchange, will allow people to create a fresh generation trade. Topex. io’s exchange unit allows you to off-set volatility hazards for dealers through loss-compensation transactions. Topex. io is actually a new creation exchange.

Topex Security
When you use services that will store information regarding user addresses, wallets, and so forth the most prone part will be information together with passwords and also keys coming from user billfolds. The hash tables are usually distributed for the servers since separate info segments. While hacking also several hosts, an enemy cannot acquire all the information tips, passwords and private given customer. The sensory network makes use of additional information regarding the device, Internet protocol address, activities.

Stage One
July - September 2017
Idea of creating of, analysis of competitors, need to create a project, search for a team, consultations with specialists in specialized fields.
October - December 2017
Approbation of the idea, preparation of WhitePaper, development of the economic model and its description, team approval.
January - March 2018 website development, registration in social networks, development of personal account and bounty campaign.
April - June 2018
Development of the legal part of the project and search for a country with legal regulation for the registration of a company with the status of limited liability.
July - October 2018
Announcement of the project. Pre-marketing among early investors. Preparation for the ICO.

Stage Two
November 2018 - January 2019
Development of a full-fledged exchange platform with a minimal functional set, debugging of the system, verification of security systems.
February - April 2019
Announcement of the first beta version of the platform with a minimum set of trading  pairs, beta testing, debugging of the loss compensation system.
May - July 2019
Release of the trading platform, as a full-fledged financial instrument for the exchange of crypto currency.
August - October 2019
Development of social tools for traders.
November 2019 - January 2020.
Development of a system for analyzing rise or fall of prices in the crypto-currency market.

For more information  : WEB - WHITEPAPER
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Published Secondary Digital Content

Published Secondary Digital ContentIt is possible to buy promote digital content material, such as comics, game products and songs that you want to see others.  We shall provide a safeguarded cloud technique called “Decentralized Security System” (DSS) through the use of blockchain engineering. And we are going to create a P2P - design distributed supplementary content system. We have main products about online mobile games. Also, we available in app store (android and iOs). A digital content deal on sent out secondary market place. A new blockchain economic age for the site owners, creators along with users. ASOBIMO DApps software will make a digital content about the secondary niche categories a valuable advantage for all functions, and provide some sort of secured stock trading experience at the minimal charge and frictionless.

The problem is …
A digital content is often too straightforward to copy. Exactly how allow written content redistribution functions for people, creators along with publishers?

ASOBIMO Solution

With these problems, we ASOBIMO will provide services that will overcome these problems with a system called DSS (Decentralized Security System). With this system the issue of article theft will be resolved, because we will provide a copyright label in your article.

For Example
You can sell various kinds of rare items or games in our store. You can take advantage of cryptocurrency in making transactions. Besides, you can also sell digital comics then exchange them with cryptocurrency. Or if you have expertise in combining various types of music, you can also sell it in our store and produce cryptocurrency.

With the DSS system (Decentralized Security System) your content will not be able to be sold again by others, because we grant patents to your content in our store. While for those of you who act as buyers, you can buy various kinds of content at relatively cheap prices. 

Naga Virtual
ASOBIMO and SWITEX Gmbh with each other developed NAGA Virtual, system for in-game ui items within ASOBI MARKETPLACE. Gamers can get or market in-game digital items separately or via a game author. Other than that, we offer a safe, reasonable, and contemporary market for any kind of games as well as virtual products. Essentially items trading, the site owners don’t receive much earnings, but due to NAGA Virtual’s publisher welcoming platform, they might get their cash in on the dealt amount.

Easy to use it
“The current DRM (Digital Rights Management) remains to be incomplete plus its difficult intended for private people to use the idea. However , we shall provide a best DRM applying blockchain, which often enables individuals to easily safeguarded their a digital content.

Our Roadmap
December 2018
Enable the usage of ASOBI COIN in ASOBIMO and other companies games
Launch ASOBI MARKET, Distributed Secondary Content Platform for in-game item trade
March 2019
Provide Distributed Secondary Content Platform for digital books and comics at ASOBI MARKET
Juni 2019
Provide Distributed Secondary Content Platform for music, movies, e-tickets etc. at ASOBI MARKET
December 2019
Enable the usage of ASOBI COIN in over 1000 games

Token Allocation
50% for token sale
At the ICO we will sell 50% of the tokens to ensure liquidity
20% for team and advisors
We will secure 20% of the tokens for team and advisors.
Lockup for 180 days.
10% for bounty
We will have the bounty program. No lock-up.
10% for airdrop
We will distribute 10% of the tokens for ASOBIMO game users.
No lock-up.
10% for reserve
We will keep 10% of the tokens as a backup.
Lockup for 360 days.

So, with this platform, I'm sure online game players who have rare items will be happy to buy and sell here. Because they can exchange these items with cryptocurrency.