Saturday, March 10, 2018

Fintech’s Ideas and Artificial Intelligence

NXO Next Payment Golden is a Crypto International platform which improves Fintech’s Ideas and Artificial Intelligence with Blockchain Technology. NXO recognizes the artificial intelligence technology and blockchain technology by connected futuristic professionalism with the current approach of the blockchain network.

There are two users, namely users who satisfied with the anonymous transaction system through the Blockchain address which the person’s identity is guaranteed, and through short notes as banking application. Blockchain is an open ledger that notes and shows entries owned by user. This technology will be connected by using Cryptography.

Problem Definition
Basically, humans have speed and intelligence limits. Integrity is a principal key for Fintech Companies to get the trust of customers in financial transactions accuracy and perfectly. If they have not integrity, so they lost their customers and also their confidence themselves. The main obstacles are time and location. Banking customers have to wait until banking hours to resolve the questions and limitation of visit or contact with their colleagues.

Based on the problem above, the best solution could be offered is using NXO technology. This technology focuses on the progress of payments and helps them to get closer to their customers by creating the transaction and service to finish questions unlimited of time. The vision of NXO is to design payment system at online store in the world and make them go forward with artificial intelligence. By this application, user can fully controls and fully access their funds.

Visa Card
NXO creates the Visa Card to facilitate users to access their currencies anywhere in the world. Along with the security and privacy are also equipped with dynamic CCV that marked the security levels is higher than another apps.

Payment Gateway
NXO payment gateway will be given to merchant that can make payment system themselves. They use the order member to do detail transaction through simple API commands. API NXO verifies and confirms all transaction quickly and easily. NXO coins will be appreciated by the merchant use API NXO in their store depends on the number of transactions.

Kios Machine
Kios Machine is the most sophisticated self-service integration components with NXO that ensures trading in every corner of the world. This application facilitates for interface, plain, and transaction features efficiency and easily.

NXO Card Device
NXO card device provides a larger business opportunity to merchant because its currency has been decentralized and built with advanced features of artificial intelligence.

More detail about NXO, you can visited available link below
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