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Alt.Estate Protocol For Real Estate

Alt.Estate Protocol For Real EstateAlt.Estate is aimed to introduce the Blackchain Technology and Cryptocurrences. It is a new innovation to overcome traditional problems in real estate. For the future, the use of blackchain can be easy the users to trade with achievable cost, direct, and fast. Our partners are all government and private projects as the main supporter to jack up the popularity of Blockchain usage itself.

We bid players of real estate market with protocol for tokenization in minor fraction and platform for exchanged tokenization real estate assets. Then, sellers will take new buyers that have cost problem in any sides. The conclusion is that we are the first tokenization project of real estate with B2B marketing strategy. It is the tokenized real estate assets in a trusted fast, instant, and low cost. We give solution to real estate developers, investment companies, and brokers by facilitate them in trading and tokenization.

Alt.Estate Solves the Main Problem of Traditional Real Estate Investments
The total value of world real estate reached $217 trillion in 2015 and 2.7 times of the global GDP. From the profit opportunity side, real estate market obtains larger profit. While from investment side, real estate investment is more complicated than stocks and bonds. These obstacles are : 
- High threshold for entry
- Lack of liquidity
- Slow and complicated process of ownership transfer
- Lack of price transparency
- Risks of fraud
- High transaction costs
- Complications of cross-border transactions

Both Crypto and Traditional Investors Benefit from the Alt.Estate Solution
Crypto investors will benefit from :
  • Access to real estate investment directly
  • New diversification opportunities between crypto and fiat exposure
  • The opportunity of personal use to buy real estate directly with cryptocurrency without conversion costs and access to foreign markets 

Traditional investors will benefit from:
  • Unavailable to access to a new class of asset; the minimum investment threshold for investors is significantly decreased; democratizing the entire real estate investing market
  • Higher liquidity and price transparency
  • Using jurisdiction-agnostic property tokens, enabling cross-border transactions and allowing people to purchase real estate in other regions beyond their domestic jurisdictions
  • Having a public market for every real estate property makes market pricing transparent and reduces information asymmetry between professional and retail market participants
  • The ability to easily buy and sell properties in pieces, which will not only make the market more liquid and efficient, but will also unlock entirely new possibilities for real estate owners; The opportunity to diversify their portfolio; better diversification provides higher returns at the same level of risk

Alt.Estate Solution Targets Broad Audience with Different Problems : 
  1. Crypto Investors, get to easy access to new assets
  2. Middle Class, everyone can invest in real estate 
  3. Traders, will identify arbitrage opportunities and make profit
  4. Crypto whales, will buy real estate with their cryptocurrency
  5. Institutional Investors, will increase their deal flow and earnings, providing others access to higher profile deals

Alt.Estate Platform Provides User-Friendly Environment for the Initial Sale and Secondary Trading of Tokenized Properties

The platform consists of 6 main modules, such as: a seller dashboard, seller directory, property directory, marketplace, investor dashboard, and role manager. The rule is new seller must do registration and verification then he will get to access into dashboard. This new seller will be tested and added on the seller directory and property directory if his database had been agreed for listing. Marketplace, investors can send their buying or selling order in which divided into 2 markets are primary and secondary markets. Primary market objects will be moved to the secondary market after the crowdfunding process is finished.

The investor dashboard is a private portal for every user and contains advanced features for them. The investor dashboard is a personal portal where users can access all current and historical information about their activity on the Platform. The role manager is available to all ALT token holders with one or more roles. 

ALT Token Holders Will Be Assigned Roles in the Platform
Every Alt token holder will select his role from promoter basic role, affiliate, analyst, broker, notary or others based on own skill. All community members have an opportunity to get fee paid for protocol or platform usage with ALT tokens. Community development and work manner will influence the ALT qualities itself in the future.

ALT Token Holders Will Take Part in Platform Governance
ALT token holders are involved in the decision-making process related to real estate in the Platform, selection of third party vendors, and other decisions of Alt.Estate development. ALT token holders will participate in the voting system which held at least once a year. Voting results is based on testing result and voting mechanism as the platform decentralization in the future.

Our Roadmap
March 2017
Core Concept Developed
The team is established.
The Alt.Estate team with $400m worth of real estate deals, includes professionals with a strong background in real estate, investments, finance, marketing and operations.

August 2017
Legal Entity Registered

October 2017
Advisory Board Formed
Advisors with more than $3bn worth of transactions in real estate join Alt.Estate

November 2017
Start of Blockchain Implementation
Alt.Estate blockchain architecture development initiated

December 2017
Launched The First Tokenized Real Estate Prototype
Prototype Goes Live
Alt.Estate tokenized apartment prototype goes live

Q2 2018
ALT Token Sale

Q3 2018
Platform Beta Release

Q4 2018
Alt.Estate Engages Crypto Community in Property Token Trading
Obtaining Licenses
Registration, authorization and licensing in first jurisdictions

Q1 2019
Start of Token Trading
First EU law-compliant real estate token sales on Alt.Estate  Platform

Q2 2019
Platform Goes Live

Q3 2019
Alt.Estate Protocol Boosts Sals of Property Developers Worldwide
Alt.Estate Protocol Goes Live
Technology, legal and corp, structure modules are united under Alt.Estate Protocol for tokenizing and selling properties globally

Q4 2019
Protocol Promotion
Promotion of Alt.Estate Protocol as a turnkey solution for real estate developers, brokers and investment companies

Q1 2020
Going Global
Full deployment of Alt.Estate go-to-market strategy

Industry Standart
Alt.Estate Protocol becomes an industry standart; Alt.Estate Platform is the #1 crowdfunding and trading platform for tokenized property.

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