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New Generation Of Financial Institutions

New Heneration Of Financial InstitutionsPeriod advancement had brought big changes mindset, life style, and technology. Now, people prefer to instant thing included about their payment transactions. They prefer to transact via wireless money transfer and cashless payment systems than used face to face systems. 
The global transaction growth rapidly in every year which is marked by appeared of new penetration app, such as apple pay, google pay, etc. It will be ensured become payment that more efficient, easy, and fast. These apps collaborate cellular payment technology with crypocurrency technology and use peer to peer market structure, so investor  are not feel troublesome. The cost is cheaper than another, so it can be the best solution for them. ORBIS team hard worked to give the best and useful service by the goal to give satisfaction for our consumer. We also produce futuristic payment platform with novel features to do perbankan, payment, investing in cryptocurrency and all in one place. 
Special for 16th – 30th of April (Pre-ICO stage) we have discount 50% for all the buyers with note that the cost will be returned to the buyer if the minimal capital target won’t be achieved. 

Start Date : 1 May 2018
Duration of ICO : 100 days
Prices of ORBS coins : $0.50 US dollars
Limit of made coins : 80.000.000 ORBIS coins
Minimal capital raise in ICO : $500.000 US dollars
Coin distribution supported : Instantly to Orbis wallet
Coin market release date : No later than 1st August
Gift Allocations for ICO Buyers (1st of May – 15th of June 2018)
+45% coins
+40% coins
+35% coins
+30% coins
+25% coins
Min. Purch.
>25.000 ORBS
>15.000 ORBS
>5.000 ORBS
>1.000 ORBS

Gift Allocations for ICO Buyers (15th of June – 29th of July 2018)
+35% coins
+30% coins
+25% coins
+20% coins
+15% coins
Min. Purch.
>25.000 ORBS
>15.000 ORBS
>5.000 ORBS
>1.000 ORBS

Our Roadmap
1st February 2017
Start of ORBIS project
1st of March 2017
Project design and team gathering
1st of May 2017
Orbis blockchain platform concept testing with success
1st of July 2017
ICO and marketing project done
16th of April 2018
Pre-ICO start
30th of April 2018
Pre-ICO finish
1st of May 2018
ICO start
29th of July 2018
ICO closing
1st of August 2018
Release of Orbis desktop/mobile platform, ORBS, ORBSi coins, ORBIS wallet and ORBIS mobile app.
15th of August 2018
Listing and trading ORBS and ORBSi tokens on most of big exchanges
1st of September 2018
Release of Orbis Debit card to customers
1st of October 2018
Presenting Orbis invest
1st of November 2018
Presenting the Orbis branches project )self-service cash dispensing machines VR customer service)
1st of December 2018
Releasing to public buy Orbis Franchise
1st f July 2019
Presenting Orbis Phylatropic Projects

Orbis Coin Distribution
20% : Legal and Advisor
62%  : Pre-sales coins
10% : Team coins
8% : Refferal program

Allocation of Raised Funds
5% : Research
5% : Salaries
10% : IT team
10% : Legal services and licence acquisitions
20% : Blockchain development
20% : AI and VR development
30% : Marketing

Problems and Solutions
The problems are: 
  • Financial system just focused and served on the important of some main players. For example, bank and another financial government just interested on defending their status quo. 
  • The rent-seeking behavior is inefficient and stagnant had disturbed the success of everyone in the world. For example, failure in financial crisis on 2008 and 2010 in European sovereign debt crisis.

The solutions are:
  • Deleting high cost to entry through deleting intermediary services of the third side. 
  • Reducing time to wait (on time within transacted) 
  • Self-service and no imposed limits
  • Deleting of complicated document and bureaucracy 

Orbis Crypto-Economy Vision and Business Plan
Vision of Orbis is to gave financial access to 3 million people who haven’t bank account in Latin America Afica, and Asia. As we knew that 40% from 100% people in growth country haven’t bank account. Of course, this condition will opened opportunity by defrayed them began from debit card, Orbis payment apps in smartphone, and QR and barcode scanning. Orbis is a good serve with save and limitless transfers, fast transaction, and other. It can be ensured that Orbis will give satisfaction and useful for user, include to help in developing business for pushes the economy growth. 

Marketing Strategy
As the previous explanation that ORBIS give financial access to 3 million people who haven’t bank account in growth country to have debit card, Orbis payment mobile, barcode, and QR through the philanthropie project financed by the companies’ profit. Orbis designed the safe system with self service cash machines and virtual reality chat robots that can overtake time and human error problem in the all orbis branches. Iin addition, we developed new features continuously to make easy the business and life of people and make them satisfied toward Orbis service.

Orbis decentralized desktop/mobile platform
Our advantage, this decentralized platform is easy to be used by anyone at all. Orbis user could saved their money, transferred, invested, and received credit or financing for their business. This platform is completed by desktop, laptops, and mobile devices of all type included how to use, so it was not make user feel confused.  

Orbis Wallet
Orbis will be saved into digital wallet in which user could save, transfer, and invest their token with lowest exchange rates. Design of Orbis wallet are simple and friendly by enclosing an transfer token account, investment token account, IBAN fiat currencies account, and savings account.

Orbis Exchange
Orbis decentralized exchange platform will be used to buy and sell Orbis coins and exchange them to all fiat money currencies. Transactions used peer to peer system to the wallet Orbis or bank account. 

Orbis Coins
Different with others, Orbis had 2 coins: 
ORBIS Coin (ORBS) is created in a limited supply of 8000.000.000.000 tokens which price will start at$0.50 and be used to transfer funds safely, not caused customers lose their money.
ORBIS Invest coin (ORBSi) is created in a limited supply of 80.000.000 tokens at a releasing price of $0.50 and be used by cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors  to hold and get from the coin appreciation on the cryptocurrency market.

Cryptocurrencies is called as future money or virtual gold because total market value that immediately increased from $18 billion until $300 billion today. Orbis team will help others cryptocurrencies project by showing the big potential in the cryptocurrency market, providing financial service, and others project.  

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