Thursday, August 9, 2018

Crypto Trading Platform Simple And Easy Just KubitX

Crypto Trading Platform Simple And Easy Just KubitXWith sufficient ability to make capital team KuBitX appointed in development in emerging markets. It can be seen from the experience of the Fortune 500 companies in his work and consulting company "Big Four" where he can cope with all kinds of problems that never arise in the company. The Exchange ecosystem from crypto is carried out by plunging directly into the field/market in question so that we can observe and know the description of the Exchange ecosystem with clear and detailed. As for the aspects that exist in the Exchange ecosystem :
- The speed of processing, speed of transaction of KuBitX reach 12 m + (millions) /second by using the best architecture design Golang
- Deposit and withdrawal of flats, KuBitX provides services that will help the user in the deposits and withdrawals of flat
- Customer support, plus the value of kuBitX is a service provided to the customer during 24 h online and the allocation of large amounts of funds to strengthen customer support
- Ease of use, the team of KuBitX conduct training related to the exchange of its initial level at the same time so that users interested in participating
- Multilingual, KuBitX provides 5 types of language that makes it easy for users in a transaction and the integration with the web platform. As supporting, KuBitX will provide the platform for mobile commerce applications that fit in with the Android and iOs.

KubitX Vision : 

- Education about technology Blockchain named with Global channel ambassadors are expected to be able to cope with the socioeconomic barriers are being addressed
- The increased liquidity is done by involving the market maker to build a sustainable exchange of capacities, reducing transaction costs, and ease of processing. To avoid cheating trades, we have a tool anti market manipulation (ATT), significant market surveillance, and the blocking of accounts

Strong security by adopting the security of the entire platform. The steps are :
- Save the password instead of from the server team
- User data encrypted using AES-256 before inputting into the database
- There are special security architecture that is certain encryption keys stored properly
- Save a cool wallet multi-signature/system Vault
- System in accordance with GDPR
- There are third-party verification code and function of penetration testing

Increase the intake of (finance), KuBitX will educate people about how to utilize the blockchain so that they can increase their income

The economic development of the emerging market, KuBitX will design an institutional investment from the engine KuBitX as trade capacity of crypto and create opportunities for the digital economy so that each country can run own economy and play in the global market.

What makes KuBitX different?
KuBitX can help finance education, financial inclusion and also adoption of Blockchain by the public so he is referred to as the engine of every machine because of its potential as a trading machinery, engine of growth and development of the market of the country.

1. Ambassador KuBitX — Value Proposition — Our Difference
The Ambassador program is as key to enter, understand, and capture local market emerged. The need for education of local people so that they can understand the technology blockchain and their usage, crypto, and currency quotes KuBitX.

What is the value of an Ambassador?
- The Ambassador will be engaged directly with local people, government regulation, or through informative events
- Ambassadors will help KuBitX for adoption sooner
- Ambassadors will help in understanding the application of KuBitX in the whole field of social-economic

2. Financial Services
Our strategic partnerships with banks and payment service providers who are ready to help us to create a complete financial service institutions and of course already integrated with cryptocurrency. This entity will provide all the traditional banking services and much more such as :
- Funds transfer (wire and P2P)
- Payment processing
- Merchant services
- Sending money
- Bill payment
- Trade financing
We also provide additional services including :
- Keep track of your digital currency account
- Connect your account to the trading platform of the existing digital currency
If the information that I wrote above is considered not enough, please visit some of the links below!

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