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Cryptov8 : Difference Financial Services Market 2

Cryptov8 : Difference Financial Services Market 2Technology
Cryptov8 does acknowledge that for many of the peripheral services and in particular those associated with the crypto market and Blockchain we will need to collaborate with a series of organisations to deliver the best service and best value for our customers. Our collaboration and use of open banking is fully supported by the Payment Services Directive 2 (PSD2) and the UK’s own OpenBanking initiative. Blockchain as a technology is built using the same principles. 

CRV8 tokens and sub assets
Cryptov8 will be launching a series of tools, products, incentives and the CRV8 token will give our customers’ access to those assets.

The eight asset areas are described in the figure below :

Helping customers start their crypto journey
  • Cryptocurrency starter guide
  • Free cryptocurrency educational material published online
  • Token holders able to receive discounts on formal courses from known industry and specialist educational institutions

Blockchain technology, the concepts of public addresses, private keys, exchanges, wallets, ICOs, gas limits, ERC-20, decentralisation can be baffling and confusing. Cryptov8 wants to act as the broker for our customers education. A series of free online educational material will be made available for those who open a cryptocurrency account. 

Providing a convenient gateway entry point
  • Short Term: Link to Exchanges
  • Longer Term: FIAT gateway

Combined with incentives for money transfers, this will give our customers an easy and low-cost access point to the cryptocurrency market. 

Motivating customers to use or be involved in cryptocurrency
  • Preferential payment fees for cryptocurrency transfers
  • Attractive foreign exchange rates for cryptocurrency transfers
  • Debit card transaction settlement using cryptocurrencies

Whilst Cryptov8 plans to form its own fiat currency gateway Cryptov8 will provide attractive foreign exchange rates for CRV8 token holders and will apply preferential payment fees for cryptocurrency related transfers. a method of payment with their debit card. choice with no awareness of the currency used by the customer.

Remunerating individuals for their participation in cryptocurrency
  • Bonus reward for cryptocurrency account holders
  • Savings accounts with preferential interest (for Token holders and Crypto account holders)
  • Fee Savings

Cryptocurrency account holders or CRV8 token holders in the traditional banking space. Secondly, our customers who are crypto account holders and CRV8 token holders will have access to preferential interest savings products, again rewarding them for their activity in the market. 

Allowing customers to earn extra money from their credit balances
  • Crypto P2P Lending
  • Blockchain SME Lending

Cryptov8’s support of the blockchain and cryptocurrencies will be further underlined by providing our customers the ability to lend against credit balances of cryptocurrencies they hold,

Being your trusted custodian
  • Cryptowallet to hold current crypto balances
  • Secure storage of public addresses and private keys
  • Ability to store important documentation and agreements

Account portal. In other words, a customer will see the fiat balances held at the bank alongside their crypto balances. As a bank, Cryptov8 will provide a secure, encrypted, private storage areas to allow our customers to store the private keys alongside other important crypto related information. 

Enhancing service provision through strategic partnerships
  • Wide variety of partnerships in negotiation
  • Use of APIs/Apps to integrate
  • Extended functionality e.g. Invoice factoring, Wallet provision, Online payments using cryptocurrencies, Contactless POS payments using cryptocurrencies

As previously mentioned, Cryptov8’s primary objective is to serve its customers, by providing them with great customer service and meeting their ever-increasing expectations. Whilst it is our intention to acquire technology to run the bank, this will inevitably incorporate a number of integration points to other systems and services. innovative organisations. 

Your intelligent cognitive learning friend
  • Q&A portal
  • Cognitive learning AI assistant
  • Automatic application completion behind the webchat portal

Cryptocommunic8 is a cognitive learning bot that will be present inside a customer’s online or mobile banking portal. customer in a web chat type way asking questions of the customer and as a customer answers those questions it can complete the necessary application process in the background. 

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