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Exchange For Trader & Gamer

Exchange For Trader & GamerThe Distributor will use proceeds of sale of Extradecoin to fund the EXTRADECOIN project by the Company and its affiliated businesses and operations. The Distributors intend to incorporate the Company after completing the fundraising exercises through the sale of Extradecoin that may include further fundraising rounds after the Extradecoin Pre-ICO. No regulatory authority has examined nor approved any information set out in the White Paper. There are risks and uncertainties associated with the Company, the Distributor, the EXTRADECOIN project, the Extradecoin, and the Extradecoin Pre-ICO. The development of cryptocurrency is consequently leading to further refinements in trading platforms. However, on of the current issues for these platforms is the increasing threat of hackers attacks on trading platforms in order to steal coins. 

Extradecoin connects sellers and buyers. Extradecoin will provide free analytical reports to clients to help customers trade effectively...This is also one of the special features planned for customers in our ecosystem. 

Target costumers
Extradecoin targets some specific groups of customers:
  • Users
  • ICO Developers
  • Traders
  • Gamers

Ability to process
Extradecoin's integrated base will offers ultra-fast application speeds, that may enable this market to obtain huge liquidity. Therefore , cashflow is definitely continuously highly refined and no contract are guide up as a consequence of long hang on times.

Main functions
Extradecoin will allow investors to perform spot trading through limit orders and market orders. 

Multi-language support
Extradecoin will assist common different languages on most user barrières. The initial generate will include British and China's, followed by Korean language and Western. Other 'languages' will be included to Extradecoin afterward.

Platform transaction
• Web-based trading clients
• Android and iOS mobile apps
• Transaction Applications on PC Windows (PC Windows native client)
• Website mobile HTML5 (Mobile HTML 5 Client)

Multiple Cryptocurrencies Support
At first, Extradecoin will supports LTC, NEO, ADA and especially ETE. The list of supported cryptocurrencies will be expanded. Extradecoin will only support highly reliable, valued and liquid cryptocurrencies. 

Margin trading is a form of trading in which trader can trade with an extra amount of coins borrowed from Extradecoin exchange on the basis of coins that investor already have. On Extradecoin, traders can join Margin trading with a minimum deposit of $ 1000 corresponds to the coin value that they have. Example: Trader has 10 ETH to trade margin with leverage 5 times, they will get an additional amount of coins equivalent with 50 ETH in the account. 

Token Play is a dedicated gaming ecosystem-based exclusively on the Extradecoin platform. Token Play will cooperate with various Game publishers on Blockchain platforms to integrate into Extradecoin. Token Play will have many games such as game pictures, game strategy, game imitation, game bet...

Investors can use ETH to buy ICO project tokens they want. When the ICO ends, investors can use this token to trade on Extradecoin. 

Token Standard
Soft Cap ( ETH )
6.000 ETH
Hard Cap ( ETH )
16.000 ETH
Payment Method
1 ETH = 6000 ETE
(Bonus 20%; Buy more than 100 ETH, bonus 30%)
ICO Price
1 ETH = 5000 ETE
(bonus 10% in the 1st week, 5% for the weeks after)
Total Supply
Pre-sale time
07/2018 - 09/2018
ICO time
09/15/2018 - 10/15/2018

Brainstorming ideas and planning for project’s initial deployment
Research and an analysis, project started
Completing fundamental features for coin market
Private sale for angel investors
Publishing ICO plans and whitepaper for investors
Pre-sale official launch & launch new office in Singapore
ICO starts
Launching official exchange platform named “” with high security
Mobile apps (android, ios) released
Commencing development process for ICO listing feature
Commencing development process for token play features and game features for the coin ecosystem
Objective to become number trading platform in southeast asia
Enter korea, japan and Canada
Launching new office in usa
Community development in Africa

For more detail information, you ca join us here...

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