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File Storage Network With Blockchain System

About the MODULE platform
MODULE employs a new transaction approval algorithm. It is a new technology platform that enables everyone to participate in mining, even from a mobile device. 

The Future According to MODULE
In our future, not only people living in developed countries will have the opportunity to participate in mining. We hope to have many people holding smartphones in underdeveloped countries acting as miners and receiving rewards. 

The elimination of central control can alleviate problems such as traditional data errors and power cuts, while significantly increasing security, privacy and data control. paid for the data stored in PEER. 

Unique mining method “PoSTT”
Proof of Space, Time and Transaction
Consensus Algorithm
The POSTT decentralized storage network can perform data storage and data transfer (downloading etc.) functions across two markets. The two markets are the data storage market and the data service market. 

About the PoSTT block chain mechanism
In a client-server solution, the user’s data are stored in the client’s server, and data may leak or be destroyed if the server is attacked. 

Process of uploading data
The Verifier uses the Farmer’s IP address to transfer the corresponding piece of data to the Farmer, who stores it, and executes the smart contract using the Farmer’s token address. After confirming that the data was correctly stored, the Bridge transfers the information about the stored data

Process of downloading data
The Verifier acquires data for downloading from the information on the data fragment received from the Bridge when saving the data. 

About Gas and the PoSTT fee
All transactions and smart contracts processed in the PoSTT blockchain can be seen as scripts. For example, looking at a simple transaction, transactions can be seen as a combination of opcodes. The meaning of the opcode is the minimum unit constituting the script of the transaction. 

File Storage Network With Blockchain SystemMODULE App — data storage service
In particular, by storing information in a distributed store like MODULE, one can enhance information security through “secret sharing”. storage for the safe storage of sensitive information. One obstacle to utilizing blockchain to handle sensitive information was the fact that information on blockchain must be disclosed to the entire

The goal of the project is to create the Module economic zone. To use a publicly available blockchain to connect the world
  1. MODL App — development of the product
  2. The value of MODL PF is tied to the number of downloads
  3. MODL PF operation
  4. Expansion of the economic zone through token economy
Token Detail
Ticker symbol : MODL
Token during ICO : ERC-20
Type : Utility token
Total emission : 15,000,000,000MODL
Price per 1 token : 1MODL = 0.008 USD
Softcap : $ 5 000 000
Hardcap : $ 18 000 000
Total emission : 15,000,000,000 tokens
For distribution : 2,250,000,000 tokens

May 2018
Management of the token sale
Participation in Consensus 2018
Start of Module platform development
Start of MODL App development
July 16, 2018
Start of presale
July 31, 2018
End of presale
August 1, 2018
Start of ICO
September 30, 2018
End of ICO
September 2018
Listing on exchange
Start of development of the Secret Sharing service
October 2018
Building of mining server
Testing of MODL App beta version
November 2018
Testing of Module platform
December 2018
Start of Module platform operation
Distribution of MODL App beta version
January 2019
MODL App in Google Play and App Store

MODULE is a blockchain-based platform designed to utilize the free storage of smartphones, PCs, servers, etc. as an asset. Servers and enterprises can also participate in mining. Module’s consensus (mining) algorithm makes it possible to earn rewards by lending out storage space. Numerous cryptocurrencies are working on improvements on a daily basis. Small groups of people with a huge amount of capital possess cryptocurrencies, which runs counter to the original idea of the virtual currencies ushering in an era of decentralization. 

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