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Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem (part 2)

Examples of Token Economics
The 1st layer in the SPOKKZ ecosystem is the design of the Expression and the contribution of Spuul’s 60 thousand existing consumers and clients.

Film & TV Blockchain Ecosystem (part 2)Spuul Community
As mentioned earlier, Spuul users today watch premium Movies and TV content on the Spuul platform. After tokenization, Spuul subscribers will get SPOKKZ in return for their monthly subscription fee. Spuul will provide tokens for the subscription fees and use the cash to further purchase tokens from the exchange. Today, most sites do not share any advertising revenue with their user community - but Spuul will and users will be rewarded with SPOKKZ tokens. 

Movies & TV Shows
Upon the release of the first batch of Tokens to the Spuul economy and early token funders, the SPOKKZ tokens will be used to fund our first 2 movie projects. The movie producer will be required to partially fund his movie. generate the funds required to complete the Movie. As the revenue flows back to Spuul, Spuul will use this to further fund operations and fund more content. 

Token Sale and Bonus Structure
The actual SPOKKZ Audience Sale as well as the Token Era event is going to be done by SPOKKZ Global Base Limited, the Singapore integrated company restricted to guarantee and will also be issuing the actual smart agreements running upon Ethereum sometime later it was on Ontology’s main internet. By doing so, funders are buying SPOKKZ for a price US$ 0.08 per SPOKKZ.

The bonus structure of the sale is listed below :

Bonus Allocation Scheme during Pre-Sale Stage *
Start and
End Dates
28 Jun - 15 July
16 - 29 July
30 July - 12 Aug
13 Aug – 26 Aug
27 Aug - 9 Sep
> US$100K
< US$20K

Use of Proceeds
The particular funds brought up by the issuance of the as well are meant to finance projects for that ecosystem. We all estimate that will Marketing, Legitimate, Tax and also Risk Informing fees as well as other disbursements expenditures payable simply by us (‘Expenses’) in relation to the particular ICO will probably be approximately US$1. 57 thousand.

We all estimate the net results of the ICO (after reduction in price of the ‘Expenses’), in the case of the particular ICO getting hardcap, will probably be US$18. 20 million.
  • About US$9.8 million that represent approximately 50 percent of the online proceeds from typically the ICO, to be used for the purchase of content (both movies along with TV shows) in various 'languages' for parts where Spuul customers are mixed together;
  • About US$2. 5 million that represent approximately 21% of the online proceeds from typically the ICO, to be used for a digital and non-digital marketing to increase the Movies along with TV Shows plus the Spuul manufacturer amongst the group and to find people unacquainted with the Spuul brand name;
  • About US$2.5 million that represent approximately 21% of the online proceeds from typically the ICO, to be used to help further more develop software and computer software operations.

Q4, 2017
SPOKKZ Token Model & Team Setup
Q1, 2018
Draft Whitepaper 60 million users
Q2, 2018
Road Show & Community Out Reach
Q3, 2018
75 Million Users*
Q4, 2018
1st Batch Movies Funded *
80 Million Token Wallets Enable And Live*
Q1, 2019
2nd Batch Movies Funded*
100 Million Users*
Tokenized Loyalty Program*
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