Monday, August 13, 2018

Hire And Trust Vendors Online

Hire And Trust Vendors OnlineBy decentralizing a large number of actions, data and features, the YINC platform brings a new way for consumers and service providers to use digital technology in the services market. YINC is building its blockchain powered services platform using the ethereum blockchain. YINC is creating a YINC utility token designed for the tracking of transactions, interactions and reviews.


  • Platform fragmentation
  • A plethora of providers
  • Lack of competitive pricing
  • Time consuming
  • Hidden fees
  • No meritocracy
  • Reviews cannot be trusted

YINC realized that blockchain technology can solve many of the problems plaguing today’s services industry and platforms listed above.

True review technology featuring integrity, reliability and easy validation.
YINC has filled a patent for its authentic tamper-proof rating system and process. Patent serial number 62/587,386.

Linking reviews to transactions through a blockchain guarantees that any review, rating of reference procured are transparent & tamper-proof. To do this, YINC will store all transactions that take place using a smart escrow service blockchain. The review reward is paid in YINC tokens and added to the users YINC wallet.

YINC has developed a methodology which will create an enhanced competitive urgency amongst vendors when bidding for a job.

All YINC transaction between consumers and service providers occur with YINC tokens. The YINC platform offers a flexibility for the parties to decide on specific terms.

If the negotiations between parties prove fruitless, either party can request arbitration through the YINC platform. The funds to cover these costs are taken from the smart escrow smart contract. Ultimately, YINC aims to promote peer-to-peer dispute resolution and allows mediator providers from the YINC platform to assist in the dispure resolution process and arbitrate on issues arising from a job. YINC will present the mediators bidding on the job to both parties.

How YINC is Different From These Centralized Solutions
It could have just as easily been the vendor himself, his friends or a paid company who made the review or even a competitor who made a negative review. The issues described above cannot be solved without utilizing blockchain technology. A vendor should not be able to rate himself, have friends rate them or competitors rate them.

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