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KartBlock : Revolutionize The eCommerce Industry

KartBlock : Revolutionize The eCommerce Industry KART BLOCK ECOSYSTEM

The kart block ecosystem at its core is a combination of kart block e-commerce platform, digital wallet and cryptocurrency reward mechanism. This reward will be in the form of a cryptocurrency (kart block tokens).

Following are the components of this ecosystem :
  • Digital wallet

The digital wallet will serve as the entry of user to this ecosystem. 
  • Kart block e-commerce

This platform will run a top the blockchain layer to maintain trust and transparency
  • Kart block tokens

This is the native cryptocurrency of the kart block ecosystem. 


Following are the objectives of the kart block ecosystem :
  • To create a trustworthy online marketplace where customers can directly with the merchants and make purchases. 
  • To the start an e-commerce platform through a borderless payment gateway and uniting merchants and customers across the world
  • To collect quality driven user data and feedback, that will act as a platform for data-driven technology companies in the industry contributing to the growth of kart block ecosystem and ultimately with it the users


Following features make the kart block ecosystem a unique blockchain powered entity :
  • Payments

E.g., the 2.9% credit card fee. This is the average transaction cost that a customer pays for any online purchase. Kart block aims to turn the tables in this scenario. 
  • Transparency

Unlike largely centralized marketplaces whish do not share crucial data (for maintaining a marketing edge). Kart block will change this monopolistic system. 
  • Restoring fair competition

Kart block founders and the team have identified challenges tha the current e-commerce industry faces. 
  • Marketing

Kart block ecosystem will enable growth and evolution of the e-commerce enterprises through its cash back,  loyalty programmes, referrals and coupon deals. 
  • Advertising

Another feature of kart block ecosystem is envolved advertising. There will be a referral program on this platform through which the users can refer new users and earn kart block tokens. 


The kart token is the native blockchain currency of the kart block ecosystem. The kart tokens will be sent, received and stored via the kart block wallet of the user.

The kart block e-commerce platform distributes a mode of programmable money amongst the users that will help to create a  secure and hassle-free transaction system. Kart tokens will ease up they payment process by eliminating the middlemen. Kart tokens will also enhance the transparency of the system by maintaining the atomicity and concreteness of every transaction made over the platform. The gist of kart tokens is to ease the process and provide optium security to the end-users. 


Inception 27 avenue
Asia and India expansion
Middle East expansion
Q2 2017
Market research and blockchain strategy
Q3 2017
Rebranding to kart block
Token sale preparation
Token sale
Q2 2018
Token sale finish, tokens unlocking and distribution
Q3 2018
Product MVP
Global expansion


  • 1 ETH will buy 14,925 KART tokens
  • Minimum purchase 100 KART or 0.01 ETH
  • You can purchase KART with BTC, Ether and other altcoin
  • KART raise 28,800 ETH pre-ICO
  • 40% total tokens will be sold at pre and ICO period
  • KART create 600M tokens for a total 1B tokens
  • 12% will be allocated to KART founder, early incestors, technology teams, existing and future employees
  • 8% from total tokens for advisors, consultants, community developers and will lock (6 months)

For more detail information about kart block, you can visited link below !


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