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KitToken Review by Laresawoo

KitToken Review by LaresawooIntroduction
KitToken® as “Utility * Organic Growth * Sharing”, is committed to develop a financial ecosystem based on blockchain technology. Innovative Technology, transparent and secured transactions make KitToken® the best payment eco-system. KitToken® bypass a lot of intermediaries in foreign fund transfer and cross-border payment brokers which limit the access of global blockchain through KitToken® decentralized global payment platform. The KitPay® platform is absolutely transparent which records payments and transfers platform. 

To create a global community of KitToken® users who transact KIT as mode of payments utilizing KitPay®

What is KitToken®?
KitToken® is a self-managing financial system with P2P transaction based on open source platform called KitPay®

How does KitPay® Work?
KitToken® holders benefit from convenient utilization and appreciation of KitToken® value. 

We imagine a world where a global borderless digital financial society access to business with a touch of the finger. 

Solution : Rise of the Fintech
Annual volume of investments in Fintech start- ups approximate USD50 billion. There are many attempts to apply Blockchain technology to revolutionize other areas of finance. This emerging trend is hampered by legacy systems which are related to regulatory issues and conventional financial set-up. 

KitToken® Security
KitPay® platform comprise of the KitPay® wallet allowing of transactions such as transfer of tokens, monitor balance, transaction history, secured payments in a centralized KitPay® eco-system within decentralized blockchain platform. 

KitToken® is built on Ethereum, a blockchain-based distributed computing platform that runs smart contracts. The communication between the Ethereum blockchain and the web-applications is managed using the Web3.js framework ( The Node .js application is communicating with KitPay® through IPCs (Internal Procedure Calls). 

KitPay® Wallet and it Security

  • Generate a new address on the Ethereum blockchain network. 
  • View KitToken® balance and send transactions to other wallets. 
  • View transactions, pending releases. 
  • Create payment request and display them as QR codes. 
  • Scan QR codes to send KitToken® payment in 5 Seconds. 

Q1&2 of 2018
  • Finalizing necessary financial procedure with local and international bodies
  • Development of KIT token website and wallet
  • Establishment of Technical partners
APRIL 2018
  • Establishing KitToken alpha platform and whitepaper preparation
JULY 2018
  • World crypto asset blockchain alliance ASIA summit on July 7th,2018
  • Kit Token airdrops and establishment in all possible social media
  • Launch of KitToken pre-sale on July 20,2018

Q2&3 of 2018
  • Launching of KitToken ICO
  • 1st - 10th - I phase of ICO (30% Bonus)
  • 11th - 20th - II phase of ICO ( 20% Bonus)
  • Launching of KitPay web wallet and mobile apps Version 1.0
  • Business development and strengthening of partnerships
  • Exposing KitToken actively through international forum

2019 and 2020
  • Launching KitToken.Inc travel and tour project
  • Partnership with local and international bank
  • Listing on major exchange
  • Launching KitToken Neurosciences Project
  • Listing on major exchange
  • Launching KitToken Petroleum Bunkering Project
  • Listing on another big exchange

  • Launching More mega projects in future
  • Listing on nearly 25 big exchanges
You can get more information about KitToken details below !
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