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Secure Shopping Via Shopin

Shopin is the next step in personal data management, ownership and reward, online shopping data, personal ID and payment information, and user credit reputation while delivering. Via the Shopin App, wallet and single-sign-on, shoppers will be recognized across the retail web via their historical purchase data. 

What is Shopin?
  1. Shopin is a single verified source of all personal shopping data.
  2. Shopin is an incentive management system for all retailers.
  3. Shopin is a verified identity source.
  4. Shopin securely manages your credit card information.
  5. Shopin puts all this information in the user’s control, allowing verified access by the user when visiting retail sites.
  6. Shopin secures the data using blockchain so it is always safe from prying eyes.
  7. Shopin allows retailers to reward shoppers with a cryptocurrency which they can offset against their online and in-store purchases
A sustainable solution
It is time for a solution that puts verified purchase history data in the customer’s hands, and rewards the shopper for access to a constantly growing data pool. Our core benefits for consumers are:
  • Transparency and control
  • Accurate recommendations, reduced discovery
  • Centralized management
  • Sharing
Overarching Philosophy:
Shopin’s founding reason for existence is to reinvigorate the retail economy by streamlining the entire shopping experience and reestablish trust between consumers and retailers. 

Why not a cloud solution?
To truly decentralize shopper data, the individual must store and own the rights to his/her data.

How will we achieve this goal?
We will distribute and decentralize the storage using a Federated Permissioned Blockchain. 

Secure Shopping Via ShopinThe Shopin Token
Blockchain technology is empowering entrepreneurs to develop economic tools that incentivize user participation in their protocols and services. Right now, the data market is the most robust market on earth. Nearly every company and government monitors digital footprints--websites visited, items purchased, emails sent. Instead of making companies extremely rich by having users voluntarily giving out their own data, users can receive assets like tokens in return for their contribution to the ecosystem. 

Purchasers in the Shopin token sale will be allocated their SHOPIN tokens in exchange for ETH, BTC or QASH at the following rate: US$ 0.16 per SHOPIN token; Purchaser must have an Ethereum wallet that supports the ERC-20 token standard in order to receive any SHOPIN purchased from the Company.

The Market
Shopin offers a common system that will allow incentive tokens rewarded by multiple retailers from multiple purchases to be pooled together and redeemed. Shopin effectively solves traditional, multi-retailer reward schemes by pooling multiple rewards from multiple retailers into a single, universal reward system.

Generalized Opt-in Advertising
Offering customers more rewards when they respond to direct, opt-in advertising. When a customer opts into the service, the Shopin App can receive push advertising from the retailer that is matched against the customer’s data and buying history, while the customer shares in part of the advertising revenue.

Specific Opt-in Advertising
Products in which the user has recently expressed interest in buying. When users opt in this way, their interest will be sent to all retailers with the product they have selected, and retailers will have the opportunity to directly target deals for the customer. 


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