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Social Selling With Blockchain System

Social Selling With Blockchain SystemGemstra’s mission is to make social selling accessible and awesome for everyone. Social selling, traditionally called “direct selling”, utilizes multi-level selling models that rewards people (called “Sellers” in the Gemstra ecosystem) for influencing sales through promoting brands to their social network. Gemstra is building a blockchain-integrated ecosystem (ASTRA Platform) and token economy (GMS Token) to unlock social selling to the entire retail market. Gemstra disrupts a social selling industry worth over $180 billion worldwide ($35 billion US). 

BOUTIQUES - A decentralized marketplace for social selling
The rapid growth of BOUTIQUES proved that retail brands want to participate in social selling and sellers desire freedom

ASTRA - A smart contract platform
ASTRA is a blockchain-integrated platform  that serves as technological infrastructure for social selling. Gemstra will make the BOUTIQUES software open source and develop a SDK for merchants and brands to easily deploy a social selling business on ASTRA

GMS Token - Exchange of value, rewards, gamification, and governance
By tokenizing ASTRA with the GMS Token, Gemstra reduces friction in the social selling transaction. GMS is the default method of commission payment to Sellers. Recognition within a community drives Sellers to grow or minimally maintain their achievements. GMS provides an ideal reward construct that drives gamification through community and recognition. 


Merchants curate Brands and manage Sellers.
Gemstra welcomes retailers from the broader retail Merchants curate products from Brands and interface with Sellers and their customers. 

Democratize data so Sellers are not held captive, ever.
ASTRA gives ownership rights of customer information, transaction data, and network (genealogy) to Sellers. Sellers may have built a downline (network of sellers) that they sponsored. Sellers prefer to maintain consistency. 

Customizable Commission and Rewards by Brands.
catalog level and per-product level. ASTRA’s platform allows Brands to customize commission

Portable catalog for Brand integration.
ASTRA allows Brands to easily integrate their catalogs with multitude of Merchants and gain exposure to different networks of Sellers.

A Democratized and Trustless Model.
Merchants must do right by Brands and Sellers. Brands must do right by Merchants and Sellers. 

ASTRA Platform
The classic direct selling model involved just two operators: Seller and Brand. With ASTRA, an economy of Merchants can exist across many platforms to connect Brands and Sellers. Sellers can sell multiple Brands in single Merchants or specific Brands in multiple Merchants. 

GMS Token (GMS)
The GMS Token is the utility token that provides default exchange/store of value and incentivizes social selling aspects of ASTRA. A Reward System provides value to ASTRA users in the form of GMS Tokens. Game Rewards mimics all gamification functions associated with social selling and offers these functions to Merchants and Brands to reward users with GMS. Platform Rewards are paid from Gemstra’s fees earned in ASTRA. See GMS TOKENS below for more detail.

GMS token (GMS) can be used in the following ways :
  • Unit of Exchange: GMS will be an atomic unit of value exchange across the entire Gemstra ecosystem, with a resultant creation of a transactional economy between Merchants, Brands, Sellers and Customers. 
  • Subscription: Just like paying a toll to use a freeway, the GMS token will be used as a monthly subscription unit of value to pay-per-use for sellers and brands to use the Gemstra platform.
  • Incentive: The GMS token will be used as an incentive, it will be offered to get first time adopters to join the Gemstra ecosystem, for example when you join Gemstra as registered buyer, seller, or brand you receive free 100 GMS token to your wallet.
  • Currency: GMS will serve as a payment method and transaction engine of choice. It will enable frictionless transactions across ASTRA. 
  • Rewards, Earnings and Remittance: Gamification rewards and earning will be paid in GMS which can be remitted to partner services and individuals

Rewards System
GMS tokens feature a rewards system that perfectly suits social selling. There are two main constructs in Rewards System: Achievement and Engagement. Where Achievement rewards are quantitative, Engagement rewards are event-based and can be qualitative.


Ethereum ERC-20
Total Token Supply
Total Token Supply
Token Price
Sale Target

: Compatible Token
: 16,000,000,000 GMS
: 6,400,000,000 GMS (40%)
: $0.00385 USD
: $18,000,000 USD

Founders’ Pool
Advisors’ Pool
Growth Pool
Sale Pool

: 20%
: 10% (Advisors / Partners / Bounty)
: 30% (Distributions / Commission / Rewards)
: 40% (Private, Presale, Public Tokensale)

July 2008
Early Idea : Envisioned ecommerce / marketplace disruption of direct selling industry
First Attempt : Launch horizontal portfolio of ecommerce brands
Second Attempt : Launch omni-channel single brand called JewelScent
May 2015
Pivot : Start building the Gemstra Backoffice platform
April 2016
Continued : Begin building Gemstra Boutiques
May 2017
Alpha : Gemstra Boutiques - centralized Merchant with decentralized Sellers and Brands
June 2017
Expand Vision : Gemstra Token - economy to truly decentralize social selling economy
July 2017
Beta : Gemstra Boutiques August 2017 Add 7 Brands to Gemstra Boutiques
September 2017
Proof of Concept: Smart contract economy to transact retail sales between Seller > Merchant > Brand on ERC20
October 2017
Proof of Concept : Customizable multi-level economics
February 2018
Fundraising Preparation / SEC Guidelines
April 2018
Private Investor Round
May 2018
Engage PR firm and commence community building
June 2018
Established Broker - Dealer engagement with Entoro for STO offering
Finalize legal for private Token Subscription Agreement and ICO
July 2018
September 2018
Entoro STO Sale
October 2018
Add GMS Token support at checkout layer + Seller GMS withdrawal for commissions
November 2018
Public ICO
Investor Wallets have been distributed
December 2018
Deploy user/profile smart contracts
January 2019
Business Development Sprint I : Add/Sponsor 20 Brands
February 2019
Open source checkout service
March 2019
Deploy Brand smart contracts
Brand Onboarding : Gemstra Boutiques
June 2019
Business Development Spring II : Add 1-5 Merchants / Brands
July 2019
Merchant Onboarding : Brands can existing on separate Merchants
Annual Goal : 1000 Brands / 100 Merchants International Growth : China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, EU
Two-Year Goal : 20,000 Brands / 1,000 Merchants International Growth : Russia, Brazil, India, Canada, Australia
Five-Year Goal : 100,000 Brands / 5,000 Merchants
Deployed Worldwide

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