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Travel Platform With Blockchain Technology

Within the travel sector, consumer-facing travel sites are either supplier direct, such as airline and hotel company sites, or Online Travel Agencies who resell this content and are known as OTAs. Digital travelers and crypto stakeholders present similar substantial opportunities to monetize, as seen in Table 1 below :
Comparing Digital Travelers and Crypto Stakeholders
Digital Traveler
Crypto Stakeholders (Source CoinDesk)
59% of travel related searches are from those aged 35-64. ( Bing, 2016 )
60% of Bitcoin holders are 25-44 years old.
Mobile travel booking share has grown by 1,700% between 2011 and 2015. ( Frederic Gonzalo, 2016 )
85% of crypto investors now keep most or all of their currencies in mobile wallets.
MMGY Global’s Portrait of American Travelers survey found the 9.5 million American Millennials had intended to spend 19% more on vacations during 2017 and to travel 35% more than the previous year.
49.8% of Bitcoin holders live in the US and earn between $50-$199K, making them a rich target audience of frequent travelers and adventure seekers.

Travel Service Architecture
The practice of maintaining rate parity, or “rack rates” for the same product or service across all online distribution channels allows OTAs to conserve significant spreads over their negotiated net rates with the suppliers.

The Opportunity
Buyers of our TVLR Token will effectively be buying travel at the lowest net prices negotiated by the smartest most aggressive wholesale buyers around the world. 

Our TVLR token sale enables 

  1. Exclusive significant discounts for TVLR token holders.
  2. Improved offerings and content with more suppliers and resellers via direct contracts and the best net reseller rates with no markup.
  3. A secure platform for crypto-holders to spend on Travel Services, with an ever-expanding array of Travel Services and Products, including Cruises, Luxury Tours and Safaris and other premium products that are almost never discounted in the retail market.
TechnologyTVLR tokens are required as partial payment of travel goods and services on the platform.
The TVLR token will become the standard cryptocurrency among travel enthusiasts. Users will be able to spend their tokens on as soon as their tokens are purchased. The total supply of TVLR will be restricted to the number of tokens created during the initial token sale as described in the Token Generation Event (TGE) section.  TVLR tokens purchased during our TGE will always be worth $1.00 each on the site.

Use your Tokens Now offers value to our customers first and foremost. 

About TripX
The relationship between and TripX will benefit both entities. TripX’s payment solutions will provide travel companies with significant savings in all back office related costs associated with billing, invoicing, reconciliation, auditing, commission management and payments. In many cases our travel industry customers will save 30% to 60% of these costs. 

TripX is building the following two B2B technology stacks:
Payment Widget
Many travel companies have already requested TripX’s assistance in reaching the lucrative crypto enthusiast demographic. TripX’s API widget is free and easy to install. The exchange process takes place on the TripX platform, not on the supplier/reseller website, allowing service providers to accept cryptocurrency via a payment method they already accept, with minimal to zero modifications of their Payment Gateways. 

Blockchain Payment Network with Smart Contract Integration
B2B payments in the travel industry are fraught with problems, including a high risk of customer default. Real time payment systems operating on credit and debit card channels are expensive and incur substantial back office expense in process and audit. The entire process of payment flow, billing, collection, and settlement can be improved via Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) on a blockchain, which TripX is building to facilitate significant savings for both suppliers and customers. 

Technology Overview
The TVLR token is an ERC20 token developed on the Ethereum platform, with 18 decimals. Ethereum is a public blockchain-based distributed computing platform, featuring smart contract functionality. The token will be available for purchase from the contribution dashboard dedicated for the TGE. 

Payment Gateway
The payment gateway designed for the TVLR project represents a means of payment based on using TVLR tokens to cover part of the travel costs. Our use of the TVLR tokens to cover costs also allows users to buy these tokens using any cryptocurrency and unifies all of them in a single token. 

Use Case
Since the TVLR tokens will be sold at $0.20, the token holder only pays $160 for $800 worth of savings, effectively saving $640 on their hotel stay for that vacation.

Project concept conceived
Founding team assembled
Comprehensive research and basic prototyping accomplished
Market tested and customers validated
Developed alpha versions

Public release of Traveler’s White Paper v2.0.
Release of TripX Widget to travel Industry customers
Release of draft of documentation for decentralized TVLR protocol
Announcement of TVLR token pre-sale
TVLR token pre-sale launch
TVLR token pre-sale concludes
TVLR token TGE sale launch
TVLR token TGE sale concludes
My Username : MASPHIE

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