Monday, September 24, 2018

Decentralization Professional Generated Content

Decentralization Professional Generated ContentTypically the superior articles generators plus communicators present high-quality written content to Fb, Zhihu (China Quora), Jinri Toutiao and so on Content machines, viewers, and even com-municators could mine CBNT tokens by simply posting information, sharing, writing comments, and choice etc . about the CBNT software. In the early stages, CBNT will also consider blockchain engineering and economical management material.

CBNT mining mechanism

About the CBNT software, how many CBNT tokens might be mined any time content inventors publish a write-up? The most important take into account the content gold mining incentives could be the content good quality. The value of state-of-the-art content about CBNT mostly comes from typically the mining habits of visitors.

Token Amount
Area of the mining associated with the people is derived from the quantity of tokens placed. The more to-kens held, the greater the weight in the mining benefit and the a lot more the mining or prospecting incentives will probably be rewarded down the road.

Contribution Value
When the user desires to share much more mining bonuses, he must continuously enhance his factor value.

Next, the behavior associated with evaluating the importance of high-quality content material is forwarding and spreading. Users may share good-quality content with buddies and can also generally be shared with social networking. When discussing is successful, this records exploration behavior, and also the content worth will also improve.

Audience that publish quality commentary on written content. If the feedback is well-liked by others, the two reviewer as well as author might be rewarded gold mining incentives, and then the contribution associated with the reporter will be extra as the variety of likes improves. (Users can simply get similar to incentives whenever they like along with comment on a few possibilities, and if their very own comment is usually liked, they might get the side of the bargain value and stuff like that incentives. This may encourage people to make far more high-quality opinions but not junk content.)

Every single effective just like on excellent content (both users using a higher side of the bargain value and also users together with lower info value) can easily increase the associated with your content's mining offers.

CB Value
Every mining will certainly consume a particular CB worth. The content exploration will eat a certain CLICKBANK value every time, and one hundred points is going to be added to the actual CB benefit every twenty four hours.

Mining Behavior Rank
Using the held expression amount, share value, exploration behavior (likes/shares/comments etc.) and the mining or prospecting behavior get ranking, the gold mining incentive benefit will be computed.

CBNT’s token handle is the caibao token, with reference to the China's characters with regard to wealth as well as treasure. CBNT token cases will have the best of getting into the Caibao room.

CBNT Account & Registration System
CBNT will provide an entire account sign up system, as well as users should complete accounts registration through mobile phone quantity. After getting into the CBNT system, we are going to assign a distinctive digital identification and CBNT digital budget to the consumer. The system will certainly encrypt all of the user information to ensure customer privacy. Simultaneously, in order to make sure the genuineness of local community users, id authentication is needed before taking part in mining bonuses.

CBNT Token Allocation

Decentralization Professional Generated Content

CBNT Team Plan
March 2018 : 
CBNT project start-up
Preparation for the business rules
Process design
Communication with content creators, etc.

July 2018 :
Complete product prototype and business rule model
CBNT token generation
Project development continues.

August 2018 :
Listing of CBNT official website.

September 2018:
Listing of CBNT Beta version; invite community members to form a beta team and complete a system test.

October 2018 :
Listing CBNT 1.0 version
Available for IOS and Android users.

September 2019 :
Gradually achieve group wisdom decision-making, and establish a self-operated distributed community with ecosystem co-construction, community co-governance, and revenue sharing, and in which each CBNT holder can participate in community elections, business decision-making activities, etc.
I think this is great project for future, and don't forget to write carefully and after that mak your decision. Make the better future with us !

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