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Rateonium : Solutions For Disruptive Blockchain Platform

Rateonium : Solutions For Disruptive Blockchain PlatformNumerous economic areas development procedure for the system. Numerous anonymization technology have been applied, providing Rateonium users using the highest degree of personal information privacy. The actual wide range of worldwide users was made possible by Rateonium’s globally distinctive rewards program. The Rateonium cryptocurrency by means of tokens could be exchanged in participating businesses for client rewards. Rateonium creates a reliable and online network among customers as well as companies, authorized by assured user anonymousness. A comprehensive consumer relations product is enabled through the concept of common benefits.

Rateonium The Basic Principle
The fundamental idea driving the Rateonium system is to produce an internal cryptocurrency that users receive through submitting an evaluation about a organization. This foreign currency is sold back for benefits from taking part companies. rapidly accessible returns. These advantages vary from business to business and can be customized. system.

Added value for companies generated by verified reviews
Client reviews is actually readily obvious. quality administration. The company’s presence within the Rateonium program with the incorporated listing of client reviews provides the opportunity to strategy new customers, through specific focus on groups, like a “trusted company”. the company. The actual Rateonium symbol can only be applied to get rewards as well as cannot be exchanged. The user interface between the 2 tokens is really a specially created exchange method that enables customers to exchange these questions user-friendly way. exchange prices.

The company as a Rateonium client
The particular subscription leads to a fair marketplace situation for many participating businesses, yet still allows companies to acquire excellent financial prospects through the Rateonium company membership system. An additional significant necessity users possess when coping with cryptocurrencies may be the possibility of investing the specific foreign currency on typical trading platforms. The near future price advancement during the suffered development of Rateonium is intended to ensure traders earnings.

Rateonium’s Core Business
Advancements in the world of cryptocurrency with scepticism. Rateonium, in comparison, is a straight blockchain-based program consisting of the rewards-for-ratings idea. Even big corporations, who else could or else weaken their own competition getting large quantities of Rateonium tokens, tend to be completely starving of this chance by the membership system.

Weaknesses of rating platforms–Rateonium’s solution
Institution of a prospective company-client partnership is tremendously influenced from the publication involving experiences connected with previous consumers. Moreover, besides optimised consumer acquisition and also long-term buyer retention, reasonable reviews permit companies to learn from personal aspects of interior quality supervision. Positive reviews simply by consumers inside specific concentrate on groups are able to turn companies directly into “trusted companies” (a naming for organizations with above-average consumer ratings).

Difficulties understanding technical components
Blockchain, smart contract, GAS, as well as wallet tackle are terms that blockchain users probably have to be aware of. history, the odds of creating transaction mistakes or dropping tokens you have until now, almost all customers possess needed to create payments all over the world was a money or charge card, while cryptocurrency transaction techniques require the usage of wallets and also addresses. Exactly by mixing these helpful features within the system, Rateonium aspires in order to familiarise a multitude of people with using blockchain.

Q1 - 2016
Rateonium Ltd founded in Macedonia
Q2 - 2016
- Strategic planning
- Elaboration of the system specification sheet
Q3 – 2016
- Team Recruitment and talent search
- Search for partners and investors
Q4 - 2016
- Developments of the Rateonium system
- First sales acquisition of European partner companies
Q1 – 2017
- Meetings with investors
- Furhter sales acquisition of European partner companies
- Implementation of the Legal & Financial Department
Q2 – 2017
- Legal preparation
- Partner network construction
Q3 – 2017
- Further developments of the system specification sheet
- Implementation of IT Department and Sales Department
Q4 – 2017
- Opening German branch in Hamburg
- Conception of token sale process
Q1 - 2018
- Completion of partner network basis
- App development and system preparation
- Launching branches in Vancouver and London
Q2 - 2018
- Expansion of the IT Department and CTO announcement
- Opening Indian branch in Bangalore
- ICO Website development
- RTC Token creation
- Implementation of the Marketing Department
Q3 - 2018
- RTC Token Pre Sale & Token Sale
- Cooperation with ICO Rating & Listing Platforms
- Implementation and evaluation of project advisors
- Implementation of App & system
- Final system developments
- Completion of the community basis
11 – 2018
- Publication of Rateonium Cards for ICO participants
- Market expansion in Europe
- Further expansion of our partner network
12 – 2018
- Special exchange open for ICO participants (RTC to RTO)
- Rateonium App available in istore and playstore
- Preparation for the Asian and American market
- Anual financial statement conference of investors and the Management Board
- Publishing of the annual report and presentation of the Business Plan for 2019
Q1 – 2019
- RTC exchange enabled on the four largest trading platforms
- Full launch of the Rateonium system
- Sales acquisition of Asian and American partner companies
Q2 - 2019
- Market expansion in Asia and America
- Further community growth worldwide
- Building of branches in San Francisco, New York, Hong Kong and Tokio
Q3 – 2019
- Expansion of the Financial Department
- Negotiation with leading venture capital investors
- Performance of IPO roadshow
Q4 - 2019
- Initial Public Offering of Rateonium
- Share & Stakeholder conference in New York

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