Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Real Estate Evolution In Future

Real Estate Evolution In FutureThe success of the Leaxcoin platform will be totally achieved with a global community, founders, ambassadors, members, real estate specialists and experienced developers, who integrate, with the necessary tools, into all the real estate processes and regulatory agencies of property registration for the blockchain. Who offers digital transactions to buy and sell real estates nowadays? The technology adopted by the real estate managers nowadays is the 2.0 version, where all the registry process of a property is done without any connectivity or standardization in several underdeveloped countries, every time generating higher taxes and slower processes. In fact, technologies have exponentially grown and had an impact on billions of people all over the  world.

In addition to a great amount of time to find what they want, keen buyers are forced to enter their data into portals and third parts, thus increasing the costs, reducing innovation and inhibiting potential investors and buyers of the sector. 


Our aim is to ensure the feasibility of the real estate transfer. We can claim that we are a large Global Community, building a bridge to integrate the Leaxcoin platform with real estate organizations and registrars, complying with the jurisdiction of every country, state or city – thus guaranteeing authenticity and legal legimacy. Together we can go much further and make this integration with the Leaxcoin technology possible in real estate transactions! 

Support and Community leaxcoin

Leaxcoin, a community-based initiative, is a real open source project created by a global community of developers, engineers, executives, designers, academics, economists and blockchain enthusiasts, who have committed to including Leaxcoins into the main crypto currencies and making the decentralized technologies accessible to everybody. 

Ambassadors Program
Ambassadors will be in charge of the management and legal agreements between the  countries, cities and regions of their activity or specialty, helping and concluding agreements with real estate registrars involved in the Leax platform. 

Leaxcoin Wallet
The actual Leaxcoin budget will be completely developed within the Ethereum blockchain network, that is encrypted to prevent fraud as well as theft, getting the following features :

obtaining from any person on the Leaxcoin network.
purchase Leaxcoins within the ICO time period.
all of the transactions is going to be registered within the Ethereum blockchain network, as well as users may verify each and every transaction, that cannot be removed
every transaction needs a fee (gas price), which is, a fee towards the network servicing and to praise the users who else process these types of transactions on the computers (we use the Ethereum network), to keep the system incorruptible, secure, running as well as fully dispersed.

Community Managers will aim at helping the local community develop meetups, lectures, events, support and publicity of the Leaxcoin Project. Every community needs some incentives to continue being fair and cooperative with all members. Our community will be rewarded with improvements on the platform. 

Cryptocurrencies challenge present economic constructions and allow immediate transactions without any interference associated with third components, such as banking institutions and authorities. The demand with this market is higher, some cryptocurrency exchanges reach more than one billion dollars dollar within daily revenues.

Token Detail
Symbol : LEAX
Decimal : 18
Token Total :
Type : ERC20
Pre-ICO & Private ICO : 50%  (
Awards and Reservation  Community : 23% (460.000.000)
Bounty : 15% (300.000.000)
Team (frozen 12 months) : 12% (240.000.000)

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