Friday, October 5, 2018

Published Secondary Digital Content

Published Secondary Digital ContentIt is possible to buy promote digital content material, such as comics, game products and songs that you want to see others.  We shall provide a safeguarded cloud technique called “Decentralized Security System” (DSS) through the use of blockchain engineering. And we are going to create a P2P - design distributed supplementary content system. We have main products about online mobile games. Also, we available in app store (android and iOs). A digital content deal on sent out secondary market place. A new blockchain economic age for the site owners, creators along with users. ASOBIMO DApps software will make a digital content about the secondary niche categories a valuable advantage for all functions, and provide some sort of secured stock trading experience at the minimal charge and frictionless.

The problem is …
A digital content is often too straightforward to copy. Exactly how allow written content redistribution functions for people, creators along with publishers?

ASOBIMO Solution

With these problems, we ASOBIMO will provide services that will overcome these problems with a system called DSS (Decentralized Security System). With this system the issue of article theft will be resolved, because we will provide a copyright label in your article.

For Example
You can sell various kinds of rare items or games in our store. You can take advantage of cryptocurrency in making transactions. Besides, you can also sell digital comics then exchange them with cryptocurrency. Or if you have expertise in combining various types of music, you can also sell it in our store and produce cryptocurrency.

With the DSS system (Decentralized Security System) your content will not be able to be sold again by others, because we grant patents to your content in our store. While for those of you who act as buyers, you can buy various kinds of content at relatively cheap prices. 

Naga Virtual
ASOBIMO and SWITEX Gmbh with each other developed NAGA Virtual, system for in-game ui items within ASOBI MARKETPLACE. Gamers can get or market in-game digital items separately or via a game author. Other than that, we offer a safe, reasonable, and contemporary market for any kind of games as well as virtual products. Essentially items trading, the site owners don’t receive much earnings, but due to NAGA Virtual’s publisher welcoming platform, they might get their cash in on the dealt amount.

Easy to use it
“The current DRM (Digital Rights Management) remains to be incomplete plus its difficult intended for private people to use the idea. However , we shall provide a best DRM applying blockchain, which often enables individuals to easily safeguarded their a digital content.

Our Roadmap
December 2018
Enable the usage of ASOBI COIN in ASOBIMO and other companies games
Launch ASOBI MARKET, Distributed Secondary Content Platform for in-game item trade
March 2019
Provide Distributed Secondary Content Platform for digital books and comics at ASOBI MARKET
Juni 2019
Provide Distributed Secondary Content Platform for music, movies, e-tickets etc. at ASOBI MARKET
December 2019
Enable the usage of ASOBI COIN in over 1000 games

Token Allocation
50% for token sale
At the ICO we will sell 50% of the tokens to ensure liquidity
20% for team and advisors
We will secure 20% of the tokens for team and advisors.
Lockup for 180 days.
10% for bounty
We will have the bounty program. No lock-up.
10% for airdrop
We will distribute 10% of the tokens for ASOBIMO game users.
No lock-up.
10% for reserve
We will keep 10% of the tokens as a backup.
Lockup for 360 days.

So, with this platform, I'm sure online game players who have rare items will be happy to buy and sell here. Because they can exchange these items with cryptocurrency. 

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