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DABANKING : The Best Gaming Platform

DABANKING : decentralized  Gaming PlatformBitcoin provides outstanding deal advantages for example freedom, protection, a high level associated with control for your users on their own and a totally transparent system. All of these bitcoin benefits tend to be enabled through the blockchain technologies.

Dapps are decentralized applications operating on peer-to-peer utility blockchain networks, permitting developers in order to expand dapps in various places. Dapps provide the highest privileges regarding users as a result of advantages of unmatched applications by means of transparency, steadiness and large security while being used. Capturing that pattern, DABANKING job was born using a noble quest to become the particular pioneering energy blockchain program in producing an environment to be able to built dapps with decentralized entertainment providers with visibility, fairness and also optimal customer experience.

The problem in online game development nowadays is the incapability to demonstrate the lifestyle and title of the property in the game, thus leading to several frauds. A brilliant contract permits users to get confident that they'll receive identified assets or perhaps items if they are bound from the blockchain. Changing in-game things is now any lucrative market estimated from $50 million US dollar and is anticipated to increase swiftly. The "unique" non-fungible expression is one of the most crucial contributions that will blockchain gives the games industry. 

Fomojackpot and fomogame

Main dapp items of DABANKING is the FomoJackpot lottery plan base in blockchain technological innovation together with the dapp game each called fomogame, which aids participants not merely entertain after having a tiring day time but also as well increase their particular income in an easy approach.
DABANKING : decentralized  Gaming Platform

Fomogame is a self-employed dapp program within the environment of DABANKING built within the blockchain associated with ethereum. Apply mining expression system and also fomogame method are a couple of independent devices so consumers need to sign-up an account for every single system to use the two platforms.


  • 50% into the reward
  • 20% instant income
  • 17% referral income
  • 10% of dividends
  • 3% develop new products


DAA token features a maximum flow of 20.000.000 DAA and is slowly exploited whenever users purchase tickets as well as play games along with ETH which is the just way to obtain a DAA symbol. 


  • 60% for miners
  • 20% for product development
  • 10% for marketing
  • 10% for partner

The succeeding multiplier agent is determined by the reliant formula within the total number associated with tickets bought and when the entire of 44.230 seat tickets are obtained, the earning multiplier will certainly return to x1.

Once you introduce any newcomer purchasing the ticket because of your referral website link, you get an endless income of around 17%.
DABANKING : decentralized  Gaming Platform

When buying a ticket, you have the opportunity to win a huge amount of ETH in 4 treasures :

  • Diamond chest
  • Ruby chest
  • Gold chest
  • Silver chest

The actual dividend swimming pool will consist of 10% of the total ETH ticket bought and all earnings of fomogame. Once each and every 2 weeks, the actual dividend pool area will be paid according to the framework:
70% in the ETH within the pool is actually divided similarly to all trading accounts that have freezing DAA symbol
30% associated with dividends swimming will be put into the next 2-week dividend swimming pool area
At the end of the particular dividend transaction, all DAA tokens are going to be unfrozen and wish to be iced again to get the next returns round.

Within DABANKING video game, you can perform the game straight with your ERC20 wallet that contains ETH but if you act like you want to enjoy the game using the DAA symbol then you have to deposit expression to the anatomy's virtual budget before actively playing because the intelligent contract associated with ethereum will not allow immediate token through ERC20 finances to play.

When burning up DAA within a token pool, also losing the amount of DAA token from the developer's budget at the price of 60: 40 (burning 6 DAA tokens inside the token pool area, burning 4 DAA associated with developer wallet).

MY ROADMAP ~ phase 1
Built a development team, prepare a detail plan and prepare technology foundation.
Officially introduce game ecosystem on DAPP and start to develop DAB token minning community.
List DAA token and DAB token on free exchanges and integrate new games.
Open the swap port form the DAA token to DAB token for users. Add new game DAPP.

If you want more information, visit the link below :

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