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Entertainment With Blockchain Technology

Entertainment With Blockchain TechnologyThe industrial framework based on massive capital additionally brings numerous restrictions within developing Indie content. BLUE BAIKAL aims to make use of blockchain from the investment in addition to circulation regarding content inside content creation, and special offers after released for consumer retention. BLUE BAIKAL will assistance their development to bring a brand new sensation in the present entertainment commercial structure. BLUE BAIKAL’s full support structure includes a specific crowd financing service along with social media, electronic content shop, and enjoyment projects, that all together use BBK Bridal party. 

Additionally, content customers show a bent to break far from just like a passive client. More and more content contributed to competition available in the market, and shoppers have commenced finding most of their desired articles on their own, creating content sellers to fees more promoting expenses. 6% of twelve-monthly growth around content development expense. Hence, the importance of connection building involving the content and even consumers, together with content suppliers and Investors, is becoming a lot more significant today. When listed factors are provided properly, BLUE BAIKAL will be very powerful in international entertainment markets. Consumers’ reviews enjoy an important position in the consumer’s selection of material within the market place environment, as well as the review of a pre-experienced consumer, a great influencer, is influential for drawing focus on the subject material and bringing about purchases. Anybody would like to spend money on the new subject matter, producers, or even current content material from BLUE BAIKAL, which is usable BBK also as well.

Existing Entertainment Bussiness
In Korea exactly where data reveals significant final result in leisure business, 53% of articles business functioning funds will be reliant about government insurance policy funds in support of 24% of your funds are actually from growth capital. This illustrates how problematic it is to draw funds for content organization industry The prevailing concern that why written content business sees difficulties within attracting resources is because of the exact industry’s perilous and excessive return approach to profits. Typically the online-based platform’s market electricity in material distribution is usually increasing ordinary.

The actual marketing price to acquire as well as retain customers in the amusement industry is continually increasing. Within 2017, people spent typically 51 minutes to search for their own desired content. As the leisure industry becomes a personalized market, customer needs with regard to content investigation and suggestion services tend to be naturally getting more substantial. The particular consumers in the USA on a daily basis discuss 27% regarding online subject material, while these people share 57% of online content on the weekly foundation - these types of contents are usually digital material produced by the that are bought by family members, friends, youtube. 

Concept of Blue Baikal Service
Social Media Service: Reward type social media based on entertainment
Digital Content Store: Store Service for entertainment content sales.
Crowdfunding Service: Investment service for new entertainment projects

The main function of the BBK token
BBK Tokens within Social Media Service
BBK Tokens within Digital Content Store
BBK Tokens within Crowd Funding Service
BBK Tokens as property

Blue Baikal environment supports BBK Token cases in becoming actively involved with every area of the content material business worth chain to be able to maximize the benefits and profits of articles producer utilizing Blue Baikal. Furthermore, they are going to share the earnings generated through the service along with BBK Symbol holders. Every participant should receive support through, participate in, as well as contribute to the progress of the eco-system.

BBK Token holder
The BBK token holder appertains to the user associated with Blue Baikal service who else possesses an investable Baikal Bridal party. Anyone who wants to make use of Blue Baikal service must possess a BBK Token. Due to this, Blue Baikal provides a few BBK As well to preliminary members. BBK Token cases can take subsequent actions.

Individual Media
Influencers have to stick to the same principles as BBK Token owners in Azure Baikal services. However, the particular role regarding influencers inside the service is significant, and also Blue Baikal will provide these services to back up influencers to make certain that they become successful.

Content Producers
Articles producers acquire production expenditures, direct promoting, and advertising services. So that you can maximize this article producer’s rewards, Blue Baikal will provide huge data research, AI schedule target advertising and marketing services, and also various marketing promotions.

We have 2 technology
Significance of utilizing blockchain technology
Applied Technology

BBK Roadmap
Social service alpha open marketing for user acquisition
Token listing
Social service beta open
Crowdfunding beta open enhancing partnership with the content producer
Content store beta open discovering content provider
Reinforcing incubation and store business
Service update and reinforcing platform business
Reinforcing user analysis

Entertainment With Blockchain Technology

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